Alumni Seminar Series 2018

Posted by College of Arts and Sciences on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 1:22 PM PST

Christian Unity and World Peace: Ecumenism and Dialogue Among World Religions after 500 Years

After 500 years of separation among Christians, 2017-18 marks the anniversary of the Reformation that began with the posting of theses at Wittenberg by Martin Luther.  This year also has highlighted several events of dialogues within Christianity between Protestants and Catholics, as well as dialogues between followers of world religions.  This seminar will feature presentations by several faculty  members at Seattle University who have participated in these events: Michael Trice, a Lutheran pastor  and teacher in the School of Theology and Ministry; Peter Ely, S. J., professor of theology and Seattle  University coordinator of inter-religious dialogue; Jeanette Rodriguez, professor of theology and  writer on the Jewish Holocaust; Marc Cohen, professor of philosophy; Ali Mian, professor of theology  and expert in The Qur’an; Russ Powell, professor of law and author of articles on Islam and the  Middle East; and Manuel Mejido, member of the School of Theology and Ministry where he directs the  Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs.    These faculty members will lead Alumni Seminars on Christian Unity, interreligious dialogue among Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other religious traditions, and the relationship of these movements to world peace in the twenty-first century.

The seminars will take place on the following Tuesdays in Winter Quarter, 2018: January 16, January 30,  February 13, February 27, and March 13.  The seminars are open to Seattle University alums and other college graduates in the Seattle area.  The will run from 6:00 to 8:00pm on the Seattle University campus.  The cost of attending the five-session seminar is $150, which includes parking, refreshments and reading materials.   Those interested in participating may register by email at

The Alumni Seminars are organized by the College of Arts and Sciences of Seattle University under the guidance of Professor David Leigh, SJ.