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The prayer requests listed below have been submitted to the Seattle University Online Prayer Community. Please take a few moments to view these prayer requests and we warmly encourage you to pray as part of our community. If you'd like weekly prayer requests delivered to your email inbox, please complete this form. 

Prayer is the inner bath of love into which the soul plunges itself.

St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney

"Please pray for Lizzie, who is a young alumna who passed away very recently. Please pray for her family's healing, and for her peaceful transition to the next life." 
- Anonymous

"Please pray for Kayla, who after a motorcycle accident is in the hospital".

"Let us pray for the Seattle University Women's Basketball team to have success in their endeavor in the NCAA finals"

- Matt

"Let the lord shine down on me, my family, and my friends, during this beautiful time of seasonal transition"

- Katie

"I pray for peace as my family continues to mourn the loss of my father; that my mother continues to see life’s little blessings through friends and family; that my brother finds peace in his heart; that we can remember the good times we had as a family while practicing self-care"

- Katelyn

"Let us pray that my dog, Sierra will regain her strength and come back to the youthful puppy glow she once had. May she no longer suffer in pain."

- Lauren

"Please pray for those in debt and financial distress. May their burdens be eased and their path ahead clear for new opportunities and joy".

– Anonymous

"Please pray for all those experiencing loss. May they be wrapped in God’s warm and loving embrace."

– Anonymous

"Please pray for my grandfather. His best friend recently passed, his son-in-law's grandfather passed, and just last week his neighbor Sissy, a close family friend, was laid to rest. May my grandfather John find comfort in his friends and loved ones. Please also pray for the souls of the departed, may they find peace in the heavenly kingdom."

– Caitlin

"For Jamie, 5-year-old Ethan and all who are battling cancer, please bring them healing and hope.
For Lisa, whose family is undergoing great struggle, may the Lord bless them with new opportunities, healing and peace."

- Corinne

“Please pray for my father who is diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. He currently has an obstruction in his colon that is continuing to grow and may disrupt his ability to ingest food by mouth and start to receive nutrients through a tube. He is going to have a procedure on Monday to cement/infuse his lower vertebra that has become brittle and collapsed due to cancer that is in his lymph nodes in his back. We are hoping to proceed with radiation on for his back and abdomen area and then chemotherapy however they aren't sure if any of these measures will work”.

    – Daniela

“Pray for our daughter who struggles everyday with mental illness. The voices in her head tell her that she is unworthy of life. She has few friends as many shun her, unaware of her struggle. Please pray for her during this time of seemingly hopelessness. Thank you for your prayers”.

    – Joe

 “My precious friend Mat has been diagnosed with skin cancer. He is shaken up. Please pray that God heals him completely and gives him supernatural peace.”

    – Michelle

“Please pray for me to regain full custody of my daughters as I will be going before the courts very soon. Please pray that God will touch the judge and the guardian ad litems heart and I will be granted full custody and the chance to be the mother God intended for me to be”

    – Christen

“Creator Spirit, guide Mirabelle, our beautiful daughter, as she struggles with the ravages of mental illness, living in a homeless shelter, powerless, vulnerable.  Mira graduated with a degree in psychology, now, with thousands of dollars of student loans, she cannot even put a sentence together to make sense. We can only let happen all that will happen.  We can only surrender and trust.  Thank-you all who are willing to do a prayer for Mirabelle today.  Give her strength.  This is our Hope.  Our beautiful daughter.  An adopted child of God.  Amen”

    – Joseph

“We ask your prayers for President Trump. May the Lord grant him wisdom, intelligence, charity, generosity, and faith in Christ.”

    - Noel and Cindy