Back to Work! Parents, Career-Changers and Others Assessments, Skill and Outcome Mapping and More

  • Bellevue | Wednesday, February 26th | 12:00-1:30 p.m.

    Seattle University Eastside CampusConifer Building, Room 130

    There are many metaphors for new beginnings in careers.  Some common ones include starting a new chapter, doing a career make-over, re-inventing yourself and your career, and just getting back to work after an extended break.  Whatever your story, if you are at a place where you need to “start at the beginning,” this session will help you create a plan to do just that.

    For February, our focus will be in self-discovery, assessment, connecting your value to market needs, and mapping your plan to make a change.

    You will learn about:

    • Assessments to create clarity about strengths, motivations, and work preferences.
    • Opportunities you can create to build skills and your personal value proposition.
    • How to create forward momentum with a practical plan.

    For each session there is an intention and hope that each participant will go away with at least one new connection AND some great new ideas.