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Career Services

  • Career Services

    Our career support offerings are as diverse as our graduates and their areas of study. Find the right career center and services to meet your needs. 

    SU Career Services Chart

    Career Centers

    Career Services Office (all alumni)

    Albers Placement Center (Albers School of Business alumni)

    Educator Career Services  (College of Education alumni)

    Center for Professional Development (Law School alumni)


    Career Advising

    All alumni are entitled to unlimited career advising sessions the first quarter after graduation and then one free advising session a year with the Career Services Office.

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    Alumni Career Coaches

    In need of personalized career coaching? Try our local career coach partners.

    Dan Kelley-Petersen,'02, '15, MAEd, LMCHA, NCC


    Career and Mental Health Counseling 

    DKP Counseling, LLC 

    Seattle, WA

    (206) 289-0281 



    Matt Youngquist 

    Consultant & Executive Coach 

    Career Horizons, LLC 

    Bellevue, WA 

    (425) 450-4960 



    Lora Poepping 

    Consultant & Executive Coach 

    Plum Career Coaching Seattle

    Seattle, WA 

    (206) 331-5916 



    Paula Fitzgerald Boos 

    Consultant & Executive Coach