2022 University Service Award

Mary Ann Goto, ’79

It’s been said that because of her deep connections with Seattle University, Mary Ann Goto knows everybody in the SU community, and that everybody knows her. 

Goto frequently volunteers at SU events, participates in fundraisers and is often found connecting with other alumni around campus. Recently, she helped plan her class reunion, bringing in alumni from Hawaii for the celebration. For many years Goto was a key leader of the Filipino Alumni Chapter, helping to lead monthly gatherings, plan community events and historical celebrations and build close ties with the Filipino American National Historical Society.

A natural ambassador and leader, she is masterful in forging connections between the university and the community. Her connections are deep, from her support of alumni-owned businesses to her volunteer work with non-profit organizations such as the Seattle Asian American Film Festival, InterIM CDA, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of WA, Keiro Northwest, and the Japanese American Citizens League. A known "foodie," Goto has made efforts to uplift small, mom-and-pop establishments that were struggling during the pandemic, such as Phnom Penh Noodle House, Patrick's Cafe and Bakery, Musang and Hood Famous. 

The desire to serve is embedded in Goto’s character and goes well beyond her volunteer efforts. Professionally, Goto works for Asian Counseling and Referral Service, helping to raise funds for vulnerable members of the community.

For living out Seattle University’s Jesuit values, Goto is the recipient of the University Service award.