2019 Alumni Award Nominations

Nominate next year's Alumni Award winners!

Nominations for the 2019 Alumni Awards are now open! Follow the links bellow each description to fill out a nomination form. 

Alumni of the year
The highest honor bestowed by the Seattle University Alumni Association. Recognizes alumni who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service and a commitment to care, academic excellence, diversity, faith and justice.
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Outstanding Recent Alumni
Recognizes alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years whose actions reflect the values and mission of SU. Recipients of this award have demonstrated a commitment to care, academic excellence, diversity, faith, justice and leadership.
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University Service Award
Recognizes Seattle University alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary time and service to Seattle University. Whether the recipient served boards or university departments, the recipient has a long standing legacy of service with the university.
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Professional Achievement Award
Recognizes alumni whose careers exemplify a Seattle University education – demonstrating intellectual and professional achievement, active inquiry and leadership. Recipients of this award have gained national or international recognition in their careers.
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Community Service Award
Recognizes alumni who have made a lasting impact in their communities. Through service in spiritual, artistic, recreational, educational, social justice or other upstanding areas, recipients better the quality of life around them.
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Distinguished Faculty Award
Recognizes a faculty member who has made a lasting contribution to the academic formation of students. Recipients of this award have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to educate the whole person and empower leaders for a just and humane world. 
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