SU Advantage - Holiday Networking

  • A Focus on Holiday Networking—Dos, Don’ts and How-tos

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    Download the Holiday Networking Dos & Don'ts Handout.

    Holidays are one of the best times to network because they tend to be the times that we are most social.  The parties and events you attend are filled with people with whom you have something in common—a family member, a friend, a work connection.  This also means they are filled with people who are equipped to help you make a change.  You need to be equipped to enable them to be helpful to you.  This involves having your messaging about what you are looking for ready, ideas for what will be helpful, and a willingness to ask for their help!  

    Takeaways will include:
    •    Outlines and practice messaging.
    •    Ideas for re-framing networking in ways that make it more interesting and fun.
    •    Practical tips about how holiday networking can be reciprocal.

    About the Leader: 

    This networking group is facilitated by Paula Fitzgerald Boos. For over 20 years, Paula has worked with professionals at all levels and most industries to help them achieve greater success and satisfaction in their work.  She specializes in working with you to define and own your “magic” and build your personal brand.  She works with people pursuing change or growth in their professional lives.  For the past 8 years she has worked with Seattle University graduate students and alumni.