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Washington State Legislators

  • Support Scholarships:
    Vote YES on the Seattle U License Plate Bills!


    Support Seattle University license plates (SB5259/HB2100) and you will be championing scholarships for deserving Washington state students.  100% of proceeds from the sales of Seattle University license plates will fund student scholarships.  Did you know:

    •    96% of the 2013 freshman class received financial aid.
    •    The average financial aid award package in 2012 was $35,880, with $11,116 in the form of direct, non-loan scholarship funds.
    •    Seattle University has the most diverse student population in Washington State.
    •    75% of students give back to the community, engaging in volunteer and civic engagements.

    To learn more about why you should vote for Seattle University license plates, view this brief presentation.

    License Plate Presentation Icon

    Bills and Sponsors

    To see the specific bills, follow the links below. 

    Washington State Senate Bill 5259
    Washington State House Bill 2100

    The Seattle University community would like to thank our bill sponsors:

    Senate Bill 5259
    Sen. Ed Murray-D (Now mayor-elect of Seattle)
    Sen. Joe Fain-R
    Sen. Nick Harper-D
    Sen. Steve Litzow-R
    Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe-D
    Sen. Paull Shin-D

    House Bill 2100

    Rep. Jamie Pedersen-D (Now Senator-elect)
    Rep. Jay Rodne-R
    Rep. Brady Walkinshaw-D
    Rep. Cyrus Habib-D
    Rep. Norm Johnson-R
    Rep. Gerry Pollet-D
    Rep. Hans Zeiger-R
    Rep. Gael Tarleton-D
    Rep. Luis Moscoso-D
    Rep. Steve Bergquist-D
    Rep. Marcus Riccelli-D
    Rep. Roger Freeman-D
    Rep. Tana Senn-D
    Rep. Jake Fey-D
    Rep. Roger Goodman-D

    Thank you for supporting student scholarships and Seattle University.