Connected by Community

When Setareh Mahmoodi, ’11 started her own private practice in 2015, she knew is was paramount to build community and develop long-lasting connections with her clients. These values continue to define

Profile photo of SetarehWhen Setareh Mahmoodi, ’11 was searching for a law school, she was looking for a personalized law program that provided hands-on experience through a social justice lens. When she was accepted and enrolled in Seattle University Law School, it not only met but exceeded her expectations. It instilled in her the importance of community, relationships, social justice and leadership. These guiding principles continue to drive her as she uses her law practice to help her clients be proactive about their future.

Established in 2015, Mahmoodi’s private practice focuses on a holistic approach to law as she helps her clients through some of the toughest events in their lives. “Despite the fact that some of what I do is transactional law, I personally decided not to take a transactional approach with my clients and instead build long lasting relationships with them. I wanted a relationship-based client experience and practice, and to get to know my clients’ stories, to understand and help them,” said Mahmoodi. This unique perspective was fostered through the education and leadership skills she received from the SU School of Law.

Mahmoodi is a powerful advocate for justice and deeply values nurturing and giving back to her community. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, she has continued to volunteer and provide pro bono legal services for the King County Bar Association, Neighborhood Legal Clinics and volunteer legal services by helping individuals experiencing debt issues. “We all have had to make adjustments. This has been a thought-provoking time, and I am trying to offer support and assistance where I can,” she said.

Giving back and building community also includes being an active alumna within the Seattle University Alumni Association. She is a co-leader of the Business Owners Alliance, a group of alumni business owners.  Having a community where people can bounce ideas off of and learn best practices and continue to educate themselves motivates Mahmoodi and provides value to members. Mahmoodi is looking forward to connecting and learning with alumni, staff and student business owners at future online and in-person events.

As she reflects on her motivation for staying connected to Seattle U throughout the years and especially during these turbulent moments in society, Mahmoodi focuses on the value of deepening connections she began during her time as a student. “I enjoyed the fact that a lot of the alumni were so open and willing to help when I was a student at SU. They were so gracious with their time and this is a way that I can give back to SU and the community at large,” said Mahmoodi.

“More than ever, it’s important to take advantage of the community that you built and rely on for support, brainstorming, networking or just making new connections. As soon as you say ‘I’m an SU alum’ [to someone], they are immediately willing to talk or help. It’s almost like, you’re instantly friends!”

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The Seattle University Alumni Association

August 5, 2020