Class of 1964 - 50th Reunion Celebration

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    50th Reunion Luncheon

    Saturday, May 10, 2014
    LeRoux Room | Student Center
    11:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

    On May 10th, 2014, we'll be celebrating your Golden Reunion with a Luncheon Celebration.
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    The Class of 1964 is invited back on to campus from May 9-11 for Reunions Weekend 2014 and your Golden Reunion Luncheon.  Reunite  with life-long friends, share your favorite college memories and reconnect with your university.

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    Reunions Weekend Schedule

    Your luncheon isn't the only thing worth coming back for, we've planned a weekend full of great events.

    Share Your Memories

    Do you have pictures from your time at Seattle University? Share them with us! 

    If you have pictures from your time at Seattle University you can email them to us or drop them by the alumni office. Your pictures will help us make your reunion the perfect trip down memory lane.

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    If you have questions please email or call the alumni office (206) 220 - 8443.

    Class of 1964 Reunion Attendees:

    See who has already purchased their Reunion tickets.

    Les Arndt          
    James Barker    
    Linda Barker     
    Karl Barnickol    
    Paul Bastasch   
    Kathy Bastasch (Driscoll)
    Madeleine (McGill Connolly) Brindle
    Patricia Bernard
    Gary Bernard
    Michele Drake Boyd 
    Alva Butcher
    Kathy Carill
    Jack Cahill
    Diane Bruhn Collier
    Diane Congiusta Responte    
    Carol Ann Conroy Barnickol        
    Liz Cunningham    
    Richard Davies
    Howard Davis
    Dolores Davis
    Sally Debevec
    Ernie Dunston
    Marianne Hawkes    
    Michael Hawkes 
    John House
    Marylu Martin
    Sara Acree Habryle
    Maureen Murphy Howes
    J. (John)  Michael James
    Mary Jo (Shepherd) Kahler
    C.J. Kahler
    Mary Kay Owens Kriley
    Tom Ozretich
    Martha Spink Ozretich
    Antoinette "Toni" Wagner Perpall
    Joan (Cook) Portello
    Marilyn Quinn
    Pam Rains
    Carole Richardson    
    Neil Richardson    
    Kathy Riley    
    Nicholl Ross
    Gerald Ryan
    Gail Ryan
    Geri Schub
    Theresa Pollak Smith
    Thomas Skoda   
    Earl Sullivan    
    Jean Sullivan        
    Martin Tarabochia
    Madlyn Bracco-Taylor
    Mary Ann (Boyle) Torrico      
    William (Bill) Wilber        
    Patti Williams (Wenker)

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