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    Advisors are a great resource for students! It is easy to get bogged down in policies and procedures and to get overwhelmed with which classes to take and when. Advisors are here to help guide you through the policies and to help you create a long term plan and reach your goals. Advisors expect to see you each quarter and enjoy hearing from you about how the quarter is going.

    Advising Period will be here before you know it (October 29-November 12) and the advisors calendars will fill up quickly. Make sure you schedule your appointment with you advisor early, don’t wait till your registration appointment to meet with them. You can find your assigned advisor on your Program Evaluation on SU online and by looking at our website to see the list of advisors by major. Also on that page are some of our guidelines for how to schedule an appointment and ways to meet with your advisor. You can find your Registration Appointment about two weeks before Registration starts (November 13) by logging into your SU Online account and clicking on “Registration Appointments”. You should also clear any holds or restrictions you have prior to your Registration Appointment to ensure you can register on time. Holds can also be found by logging onto your SU online account and clicking on "Student Restrictions."

    FRESHMAN you are required to meet with your New Student Mentor (NSM) in the fall quarter and TRANSFER students you are required to meet with your assigned advisor during the fall quarter to do long term planning.

    Before you meet with your advisor you should check this page out to know what to expect and how to prepare for your appointment.


    Advising Period is October 29-November 12. During this time you should be meeting with your advisor (or freshman, your NSM) to discuss courses for the winter quarter and start or revise your long term plan.

    Registration Period begins November 13.Check SU online for your Registration Appointment and clear all restrictions.

    Last day to withdraw from a class for fall quarter is November 2.

    To schedule an appointment you can call 206-296-5700 or stop by the front desk in Pigott 318.We do not schedule appointments over email.  

    There is walk-in advising on Wednesday and Thursdays with our Graduate Assistant Advisors from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm.  Check in at the front desk in Pigott 318.


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