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  • Falling Back into School

    It is week two of Fall Quarter and summer seems SO FAR AWAY already!  Between classes, catching up with friends, and establishing a new routine, it has been difficult to make that transition from relaxing in the pool at my parent's house. 

    This summer was unlike any other I have had.  Usually, they are filled with long weeks of working at Starbucks (I have been a barista for five years now, YIKES) and finding the occasional time to catch up with old friends and with the parents.  However, this summer was unlike any other! On one hand, I did not hold my position at Starbucks this summer, so I spent some much needed time for R & R and maybe even slept in until noon (most days).  On the other, I spent this summer learning more about myself, my family, and my future career path.

    The summer started out with the redemption of our family Christmas present to go on a cruise of the Baltic Sea.  We sailed to so many awesome places that I never dreamed I would ever visit: Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.  I spent ten jam-packed days eating delicious food, touring some of the most interesting places (like the place where Rasputin was murdered), and getting some quality family time.  Even though the world seems to be more connected because of Skype, Facebook, and text messaging it was still nice to get away from it all and connect more with my awesome family members. 

    The next adventure was definitely being able to make time to rekindle friendships that have been lost in this crazy transition to college.  Most importantly, I spent time with my friends doing things that we often did in high school.  Eating FroYo, staying up until 4am watching movies, and (of course) cheering on our favorite soccer team: Real Salt Lake, were just a few things we did to enjoy the incredibly hot Salt Lake City evenings. 

    Amongst all of this fun and excitement, I hopped on a plane to head on down to Anaheim, California to attend STARS College at Chapman University.  STARS College is a conference for aspiring student affairs students who want to work in university housing sponsored by ACUHO-I (Association of College and University Housing Officers-International).  55 students from around the nation all gathered for three days to learn about graduate school, development opportunities, and (of course) to make some lasting friendships.  Most of the students who attended worked as Resident Assistants (RAs) much like I do here on Seattle U's campus.  Needless to say, socializing and friend-making came naturally to us in only three days.  Going to this conference gave me the opportunity to expand my network outside of the SU community.  I met students, faculty, and staff from institutions around the country (and internationally) and connected with them about their journey into the student affairs profession.  I always thought that networking would be super scary, but I felt prepared and ready based on the opportunities that present themselves here in Albers.  Oh….I also went to Disneyland!

    Then I made it back here! I came back to the hustle and bustle of college life, balancing two student leader positions, a job, and a full course load feeling even more refreshed than I have ever been.  I originally felt that not having a summer job would put me over the edge in the boredom department, but I took that opportunity of extra free time to focus on my personal and professional wellness


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