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  • Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    There are two main phrases that have really stuck with me since I've been a student at Seattle University:

    1. "What you put into it is what you'll get out of it," and
    2. "Be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

    The first phrase has largely been motivational for me in terms of how I view my classes, extracurricular activities, and internships/ work. It's not a secret that the more heart and soul you put into the things you partake in, you will gain something incredible-- small or big-- out of them. It might be that you put in more hours studying for a difficult course you're taking-- and you end up not only with a good grade, but also genuine understanding/ knowledge of the course concepts. Or it might be that you put in extra time to attend all of a club's events and get to really know your fellow club members-- and you learn the value of teamwork and networking. The more I think about this phrase, the more I realize that I put dedication and hard work into my classes, club activities, and jobs not because I keep thinking, "Oh, I MUST gain something out of this," but because I actually genuinely want to give everything my all.

    Something I've struggled with more is the second phrase: Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Like many people, I like my comfort zone. It's cozy and warm. When I force myself to step out of it, I feel incredibly, well, uncomfortable. But if I always remain inside my comfort zone, I will remain stagnant, never growing, and never learning. If I don't step outside, I'll be preventing myself from experiencing new things that may be incredibly wonderful opportunities. 

    This is one of the best things about being a student in college: we're all here to learn. Nobody will ridicule you for trying something new no matter how awkward and nervous you yourself may feel. Honestly, for me, attending events such as the Career Fair hosted by the Albers Placement Center to meet with potential employers and to network is stepping out of my comfort zone because meeting new people isn't always the easiest for me. But the Business & Engineering Career Fair is next Tuesday, October 22, from 11 AM - 2 PM in the Campion Ballroom, and I'll definitely be there. Why? Because I'm going to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

    So I urge you. If you are uncomfortable with being a follower, try to give others a chance to step up as a leader. If you're uncomfortable with speaking up in class, maybe make it a goal of yours to speak up at least once a class (or start with once a week!). I promise you that you have nothing to lose.

    Until next time,
    Jane Park, NSM


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