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  • Being Ready for the Unexpected

    As many Seattle U undergraduates are on the brink of becoming Alumni, the scramble to find a job among these students is becoming more and more prevalent. Many of these near graduates are attending events, interviews and discussions related to business careers hoping to land a position they are interested in or become more familiar with a specific industry. Some of these scenarios can be much more serious than others, which instinctively requires them to take more means of preparation prior to the event.

    However, I think it is always crucial to be prepared for the unknown, regardless the seriousness of what you think the event is going to be like. Always be prepared to introduce yourself to someone or form a connection that could ultimately turn out to be something unexpected! A simple conversation could mean a job, internship or even a coffee with that executive or recruiter that you are just dying to get in touch with. The following are a few simple things to keep in mind when preparing for that next business inspired event:

    Arrive early: This will allow you to be at the event before things get too crowded. This will increase your likelihood of a one-on-one interaction with recruiters, executives, etc.

    Get accustomed: Take a moment to look around the room and feel comfortable with your surroundings.

    Representation: Remember that you represent everything that you are associated with. For example, as an Albers student, I represent both Seattle University and the Albers School of Business whether I am on or off campus. Display the excellence and professionalism that SU has constantly taught you. Make sure you are courteous and deliver your statements and questions with the receiver in mind.

    Dress for success: This might sound cliché, but it is true. People definitely judge you based off of their first impressions. Don’t let your dress be what puts you behind your competition. Wear clothes that are fit for the event. You want to make sure you don’t stand out by being overdressed or more importantly, underdressed.

    Introductions: Like my dad always said, “Stand up straight, look them in the eyes, and give them a firm hand-shake.” This is so important! You will become memorable to an employer if you introduce yourself properly and clearly state your name.

    Research and Prioritize: If you are attending a networking event or internship fair where there are many businesses represented, be sure to do your research. Go online and search companies that will be in attendance and see if they fit your requirements for a workplace. Once you have done the research, compile a list of companies that you must converse with before you leave the event. Set these goals for yourself and keep to them!

    --Rob Heer (New Student Mentor)


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