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    The Albers school of Business and Economics offers several majors under the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree.  One of those majors is Management.  Below is some information about the Management major that you may not know.  Please contact Greg Prussia ( for more specific information about the Management major or Shery Crater (, the Management major advisor, to talk more about how this major can fit into your academic plan. 

    The Management major offers exposed to the primary areas of management through a combination of required and elective courses.  Majors can also specialize in one of the following areas: 

    LEADERSHIP- learn how to effectively and purposefully influence others-individually and in teams-to generate positive changes for the greater good. 

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 471 Adventure Based Leadership (required for all MGMT majors) &  MGMT 383 Organizational Behavior, MGMT 491 Managing Work Teams (These are all MGMT electives)

    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (HRM)- enhance your knowledge of how organizations attract, develop, and retain high performing employees in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 383 Human Resource Management (required for all MGMT majors) & MGMT 477  Managing Diversity (MGMT elective)

    INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT-get prepared for today's global workforce through learning how to leverage differences and maximize working relationships across cultures.

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 486 International Management & MGMT 491 Special Topics:  China (both MGMT electives)

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP- learn how to generate and develop your ideas for owning, evaluating, and operating your own business. 

    Suggested Courses:  MGMT 379 Entrepreneurship Essentials & MGMT 479 Business Plan Development (both MGMT electives)

    Please also note that the above represent suggested courses sequences only (flexibility is a strength of the major and various combinations of courses can be suggested to suit your interests and needs).

    Management majors often take careers in human resource management, general consulting, industrial production management, health services management, and arts and entertainment management just to name a few.  Recent graduates have been placed in the following positions/companies:

    Senior Consultant-Hitatchi Consulting; Network Operations Manager-Microsoft; General Analyst-The Boeing Company; Junior Compliance Analyst-F5 Networks; Development Associate-New Futures; & Consultant-Advaiya


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