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  • Your Registration Checklist

    It's that time of the quarter again: registration time.  You prepare for it by researching your class options, meeting with your advisor, and making schedules and back up schedules.  Here are a few steps to take to ensure a successful registration: 

    1. Make sure you have no holds.  You can have holds for various reasons such as having an overdue library book, an unpaid account balance, or being a new student and not having met with your advisor.  Holds will prevent you from registering so it's important to get whatever hold you have lifted as soon as possible. 
    2. Make up a few possible class schedules.  Whether you do this with an advisor or on your own, it is important to prepare for a few possible outcomes going into registration.  Keep an eye on the number of spots available in your preferred classes on SU online and make back-up schedules accordingly.  You'll want to have at least three or four back-up plans, especially if classes you're trying to get into have five or less spots left. 
    3. Be ready for your registration time.  Since registration is a race, you want to be ready to register at your assigned time.  You should be logged on to SU Online ten minutes before your time just in case you run into any internet connection problems.  Usually, professors will understand if you have class during you registration time and need to step out for a minute to register.
    4. It's okay if you don't get your first choices.  Don't feel alone if you have a difficult registration experience; it happens to everyone.  If you don't get in to a class you need, you can always go to the Core Solution Center to get into a core class and Albers Walk-In Advising to get into an Albers class.  Although it is ideal to get into all of the classes with the times and professors you prefer, what's most important is that you get into classes that are required for you to take. 

    Good luck with the registration process!

    -Molly Morrisey, New Student Mentor


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