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    WOW!  The fall quarter is flying by and so many things are coming up.  Please read through all the information to make sure you don’t miss something! 

    Advising Period starts October 29th, have you scheduled your appointment with your advisor?  Advisors schedules will get filled quickly so make sure you schedule early.  Registration will begin on November 13; you can check your SU online account to find your Registration Appointment on October 26th.  As you start to think about classes here are a couple to put on your radar: 

    ECON 474 Forecasting Business Conditions 

    This class is an introduction to casual and ad hoc time series methods of forecasting utilized by business firms. Regression, exponential smoothing, decomposition, and Box Jenkins methods are included. Prerequisites: ECON 271, 272 and 310.   Forecasts are basic inputs for many kinds of decisions in business and government organizations. This course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to deal with time series data analysis that is critical to decision making. By the end of the quarter students will learn how to produce forecasts and evaluate the reliability of the generated forecasts. Emphasis is on the application of various forecasting methods with regard to analyzing and projecting future business and economic conditions. We will cover topics such as single and multiple regressions, exponential smoothing, Box-Jenkins methods among others. The statistical package R will be used for computer applications, which is an open source programming language. It is very powerful and is widely used for data analysis. Knowledge or experience of R is not required to succeed in this course. 

    Management 491 Managing Teams 

    This class will explore in depth the nature of organizational work teams, with a specific focus on helping students learn how to manage and lead work teams effectively.  Students will also explore the most recent team advances and team challenges by interacting with professionals in real organizations. Topics covered will include internal team functioning (such as knowledge sharing, communication strategies, leadership emergence), external team functioning (such as interacting with stakeholders, managing external trends), and recent team designs (such as multi-cultural teams, virtual teams, cross-functional teams).  Skills gained in this class can easily be transferred towards becoming a more effective, positive and influential team member or leader across a variety of professional, personal, and academic environments.


    Transfer students, if this is your first or second quarter at Seattle University you must meet with your advisor to lift your advising hold before you will be able to register. 

    Freshmen, schedule an appointment with your New Student Mentor (NSM) to plan for next quarter and remove your advising hold.  You have to meet with your NSM twice during the fall quarter.   


    The Accounting department is ranked 26th and the Finance department is ranked 22nd in the 2013 US News and World Report of undergraduate Business Rankings. 


    The Accounting department has tutors available in the Accounting Lab in Pigott 515D.  See below for hours tutors will be available. 

    Monday 9:00 am-5:45 pm
    Tuesday 10:00 am-3:00 pm
    Wednesday 9:00 am-12:00 pm & 1:00 pm-5:30 pm
    Thursday     10:00 am-3:00 pm
    Friday 9:00 am-2:00 pm



    Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students are required to complete the Excel Certification.  Transfer students, you will need to complete the certification by the end of the fall quarter, freshman you have to complete it by the time you reach 45 credits.  Please see the Alber’s website for more information.  (Click on the link for Excel Certification to get information on studying for the test and for more information regarding the certification). 

    On that same website you can find the link to register for the Excel Certification test.  Transfer students, you should schedule your test soon, as the dates may fill up quickly! 


    During the first week of Registration the advisors will hold walk-in hours to assist you with course selection.   Please see available walk-in hours below.  Please note that advising holds will not be lifted during our walk-in hours.  If you need an advising hold lifted you will need to schedule an appointment with your advisor.  

    NOVEMBER 13:  9:00 am-11:30 am & 1:00 pm-2:30 pm 

    NOVEMBER 14:  9:00 am-11:00 am & 12:30 pm-3:00 pm  

    NOVEMBER 15:  9:00 am-11:00 am & 12:30 pm-3:00 pm  

    NOVEMBER 16:  9:00 am-11:30 am & 1:00 pm-2:30 pm  



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