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Senior Memoir: Three Things I Wish I did in Undergrad

Posted by Sergiu Ispas on May 26, 2016 at 12:05 PM PDT

With graduation in under two weeks, I want to share the top three things that I wish I was involved with in my four years in Albers:

1) Study abroad

Whether it was a scheduling issue or a conflict with work, I was never able to study abroad and utilize the connections that Seattle University has with various other prestigious institutions around the world. Regardless of what degree you are pursuing or the field of work are hoping to enter, college is one of the best times in your life to travel, see new places and immerse yourself in different cultures. All the classmates that I have spoken to about their study abroad experience have brought back fond memories and stories of their time in a different country. Even though four years seems like a long time, I strongly recommend that you start thinking about study abroad as early as your first year so that you can plan ahead and minimize the conflicts with classes and jobs.

2) Connecting with professors

At the Albers School of Business, we are very lucky to have professors that are passionate about their work and encourage all of their students to come during office hours for help of homework or to talk about research topics and post-college plans. At first, it may feel intimidating to speak to your professor one-on-one since we are all accustomed to the classroom setting. However, once I started going to my professor’s office hours, mainly for graduate school and career related questions, I found their advice to be extremely valuable in my post-graduation decisions. But by Senior year, I began to realized that I did not take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with my professors and learn about their path through academia and the workforce.

3) Getting to know people outside of Albers

The first year, or two, when you live in the dorms, getting to know other students outside of Albers is easy and comes almost naturally. However, as I migrated off campus and lived in a house further away, I narrowed down my friend groups to almost exclusively Albers students. This is by no means a bad thing, but I truly believe it pays off to talk to people who have different views on business and can provide insight on the world around us with their academic background. While it’s always fun to sit around talking about interest rates and how consumers make shopping decisions, I think it would benefit all Albers students to step out of their comfort zone and understand other people’s perspectives. After all, the Jesuits do encourage holistic learning.

Your experience in Albers is what you make of it. Your plans coming into college are likely to change throughout the years and you will find more opportunities for growth and leadership as you get more involved with your professors, colleagues and other opportunities provided by the school.

Some last words of advice:

Participate in EVERYTHING, even if it’s not your thing, you’ll probably find that if you participate you always have fun. Don’t be that kid that is “too cool for school” because you will miss out.

Best of luck!

Sergiu Ispas
2014-16 New Student Mentor

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