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  • Dare to Believe

    Posted by Samantha Aw on 11/16/2013 02:51:36 PM

    One thing I would always tell my younger sibling who stresses about what he wants to do in life - dreaming is a free entity.

    There are not many things that are free in this world, but the ability to dream is. 
    So why not take the opportunity to dream, and dream BIG.

    Everyone at any point of their life would have gone through phases of trying to find out who they really are and 
    what they would want to be in a few years time. So do not worry, you are not alone. 
    College is a great place to start discovering your passions, your goals in life, and it is a great place for you to build a foundation. Being a senior and as I am preparing myself for the real world (after graduation), I have definitely gone through the whole cycle of being anxious and stressed out about my future career plans. I believe that this will be an ongoing process for many of us but I do find that the whole college experience has helped me paint a clearer picture of what I could see myself doing after graduating from here - and I am truly grateful to have wonderful advisers and peers whom have guided me throughout my years in SU. Therefore, if you do have questions or concerns, don't forget that we have warm and caring academic advisers whom you can always count on. Also, us student mentors are always more than happy to meet with you to guide and ease the transition process :) After all, it is very likely that we have gone through the same worries and concerns that you might have. 

    It is definitely intimidating and stressful to think about the future, but stress not, believe in yourself and have faith that things will fall into place accordingly. Work hard, but more importantly, work smart. There is no such thing as an overnight success and the word "success" is such a vague word as everyone have their own definition of the word. 

    One of my favorite quotes that I would constantly remind myself during times of doubt, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference in whatever you do."

    So whatever your dreams may be, go ahead and take that leap of faith. There is a difference when you see an individual who loves doing what they are doing and another who is doing it for the sake of the job. 

    Good luck for registration and for the second half of your quarter! 



    Samantha Aw, NSM

    It's Not Just Mid-Quarter, It's Registration Season!

    Posted by Kerstin Abbey Fajardo on 11/4/2013 03:43:09 PM
    When the middle of the quarter comes around, four things come to mind:
    1. Midterms are completed
    2. I find that I am finally in the swing of things
    3. I see that my schedule is about to be very busy, very soon
    4. It’s the middle of the quarter already?

    Oh, how time flies! I can’t believe that it is already the middle of the quarter and Winter Break is only a few weeks away. But before we can reach that well deserved break, we have to finish those group projects, essays, and pass those remaining tests, quizzes, and of course – finals. Now it’s time to use what was learned in the first half of the quarter and apply it to new assignments in the second half of the quarter.

    Though this point of the quarter marks the beginning of incredibly busy weeks before break, it is also my favorite. Why? It’s registration season! I don’t just mean registration week, but the advising period for registration as well. It might sound odd, but I really enjoy looking up classes I want to take for the following quarter and making back-up plans just in case I’m not able to register for my first-choice classes. I think registering for classes is enjoyable because unlike your first quarter as a freshman where your classes are automatically assigned, you have the ability to pick classes that actually interest you. As far as classes go, the new core includes a variety of classes that I’m sure students will find at least one section they are interested in. In the past few weeks I have been looking at the UCOR classes offered for next quarter and I admit, I’m a little jealous these weren’t options when I was taking core classes! However, as a junior it’s time for me to start taking classes that pertain to my major (along with a few business core classes), and I am beyond excited. I am definitely looking forward to exploring and learning more about both my marketing and management majors.

    Another part of the registration period that I enjoy is talking to my advisor to plan the classes I need to take next quarter, or even creating my four-year plan. Who doesn’t like having a guideline to follow of what classes to take for the next four years? It is honestly such a great help and I believe it really gives you an idea of how you can stay on track. Since I also work at the Albers Front Desk, I’m beginning to feel the registration buzz among students. Many are making appointments for these very reasons. I even came in for an appointment last week! With November already here, registration is just around the corner (starting on November 18th). Before it’s too late -- check your advising holds, meet with your academic advisor, meet with your NSM if you’re a freshman, and prepare the list of classes you want to take for next quarter. Being prepared is very helpful especially when the class you want only has a few spots left!

    So even though this midpoint might seem a little intimidating, just think – we only have a few weeks before the end of the quarter and Winter Break!

    Happy Registration Season to you all!

    - Abbey Fajardo, NSM


    Posted by Sheryn Crater on 11/4/2013 01:53:12 PM

    FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8th:  Last Day to Withdraw. 

    If you are considering dropping a course, please meet with your professor and your advisor to discuss your options.  The last day to drop a course is Friday, November 8th.  The Withdraw form requires the signature of your professor, so it is important that you start this process prior to Friday. 


    Freshman:  Don't forget to schedule your advising appointments (you will need to schedule two this quarter) with your New Student Mentor (NSM).  You will need to have met with your NSM twice this fall to have your advising hold lifted.

    Transfers:  If you are a first or second quarter transfer, you will need to meet with an advisor in a scheduled appointment to have your advising hold released. 


    If you currently have an Excel hold on your account, you will need to have passed the Excel Level I Certification prior to Registration Week (Begins November 18) to be able to register on your own.  You can check to see if you have an Excel hold on your account by checking your STUDENT RESTRICTIONS on SU online. 

    If you are a new transfer this fall, you have until the end of the fall quarter to complete this requirement.  You should not have the Excel hold on your account, but you should check your STUDENT RESTRICTIONS just to make sure you don't have anything that will prevent you from registering on time. 

    You can schedule a date to take the Excel Level I Certification by going to the Albers' webpage.  


    Thursday, November 7, 2013, Albers Executive Speaker Series, Phyllis Campbell, Vice Chairman of the Pacific Northwest for JPMorgan Chase, "Leading in the Turbulent Financial Sector," Pigott Auditorium, 5:30 p.m.