Albers School of Business and Economics


Zev Siegl

Zev Siegl Consulting

Company Description

Zev Siegl Consulting serves owners of small business enterprises regarding funding new/expanding companies' growth needs, financial forecasting, planning, private equity offerings, applying for bank loans.

Job Description

Coach and advisor to start-up companies; also an international keynote speaker on issues relating to entrepreneurship.

Employment History

Co-Founder of Starbucks Coffee Company, Founder of Quartermaine Coffee Roasters, Center Director of The Small Business Development Center. See resume posted at


BA, History, University of Washington
Life experience as founder of five businesses
Broad perspective provided by 500+ advising clients

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Seeking to enable students to refine their goals and then to align their actions with those goals.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

On the Seattle U campus.

Additional Information

I have served as an SU mentor for three years prior to this year. I often refer students to local professionals with relevant experience.