Albers School of Business and Economics


Scott Severs

Chief Investment Officer
Garde Capital, Inc.

LinkedIn Profile

Company Description

Registered Investment Advisor specializing in comprehensive wealth management.

Job Description

Investment management, portfolio analytics, financial planning, retirement plan consulting.

Employment History

Aerospace engineering - Boeing Company
Equity Research - Safeco Asset Management
Financial Advisor/Senior Portfolio Manager - UBS


University of Notre Dame - BS Aerospace Engineering
Seattle University - MBA Finance

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

1) I am pretty much an open book, meaning that I have volunteered my time to work on whatever would be valuable to the students: career development, financial industry, resume building, networking, etc…
2) We often spend some time discussing the financial world and the many aspects of the investment landscape but it is not a requirement.
3) Students also have enjoyed discussions about making the transition from one field to another, i.e. engineering to finance.
4) The only thing I ask is that the students come with an open mind and are very clear about their intentions for the year. At the first meeting, I ask them to bring a list of the 5 things that they would like to get out of the experience as well as a current resume.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Very flexible on meeting times.