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Vicki Nickinovich

Nickinovich Research and Consulting, Inc.

Company Description

Nickinovich Research and Consulting, Inc., also doing business as Health Science Matrix, Inc., is a 20+ year old company predominately focused on evidence-based meta-analysis and survey research in support of patient safety during anesthesia care.  These methodologies have also been effectively extended across industry groups.

Job Description

My specific focus within the organization however regards a shift away from technical analysis and towards Business and Professional Skill Development Consulting cross industries.  Initially, I worked with Medical and other Health Care Practitioners in the United States and Canada, who were primarily seeking better ways to deal with challenging business issues, often not a focus of their education or experiences, yet very important to understand and deploy for their practices.

Employment History

My current career follows 32 years in the high tech industry including 25 years at IBM and 7 at FileNET (which was subsequently acquired by IBM).  During those years, primary responsibilities included leading organizations focused on Complex Large Systems Engineering and Sales, Voice and Data Communications, Contract, Legal, and Global Strategic Alliances.  

Primary areas of industry focus included Insurance, Telecommunications, Retail, Distribution, Aerospace, and most recently the Medical industry.


L-EMBA from Seattle University, Executive Leadership Program (ELP) Seattle University, plus Advanced Business and Leadership Institutes affiliated with IBM, Princeton, and Harvard

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

My objective is to assist students in the challenge of clearly defining success for them in one concise sentence.  This exercise is time consuming, occasionally rigorous, and often a catalyst for deep personal introspection and clarity.  I believe it is critically important to set aside time in our busy lives for introspection regarding what is most important to us and how that can become integral to the pillars supporting our personal and career success.  This is true regardless of our age and experiences.

This process typically takes the entire time of the program, due to ongoing client insights, which foster various associated discussions.  Ideally, we are also able to begin a focus on identifying obstacles and potential strategies to realize the client’s definition of success.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Mutually convenient times and locations