Albers School of Business and Economics


Mike Hosterman

Senior Consultant, Contractor
Alliant Employee Benefits

Company Description

For 36 years I had my own brokerage firm in Seattle. I specialized in employee benefit planning, business succession planning, key person indemnification, retirement planning as well as personal financial planning.

Job Description

I was the key person responsible for building the company business; working directly with business owners/managers. Basically demonstrating why it was in their best interest to work with my company in a very competitive environment. I was totally responsible for business retention (client satisfaction) but delegated customer service and day to day company activities. I purposefully kept my business small but built a very substantial client list.

Employment History

Joined New York Life Insurance Company right out of college. Once established I formed my own insurance brokerage company which I operated for approximately 30 years before merging with Clearpoint Employee Benefits, a regional company, which eventually was bought by Alliant Employee Benefits, a national organization.


Graduated O'Dea High School in Seattle 1960
Graduated University of Portland (1964) with a degree in finance and business administration. Achieved many professional designations through The American College of Financial Services.

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

In mentoring undergraduates which I have done for years on an informal basis, I have found that many of these students have  uncertainties as to their direction as they approach the end of their education and are looking at stepping into the real world for the first time. Most of the time the students I have worked with have gone along in their educational process, making decisions regarding the choosing of a more narrow course of studies (a major) but, other than accounting majors, most do not have a clear idea as to what choices are available to them and how to present themselves to the job market place. My objective as a mentor is to LISTEN to their concerns and to work with them toward developing a course of action and clarity as best as can be achieved at this stage.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

I am happy to meet with students on campus or at my office. Whatever works for them. I would prefer to meet during the business day but am flexible on that. If a student needs help a little more frequently I am not opposed at all to telephone discussions but personal visits are preferred.

Additional Information

Over the course of my lifetime I have had many mentors. I have found that mentors are there because they want to be there; to be helpful. Many become friends for long periods. I would hope that any student that I had the privilege of working with, would view me as a helpful friend.