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  • Words of advice for starting your graduate studies at the Albers School of Business

    Nearing the last quarter of my MBA, I have been thinking about the things I wish I had known at the start of this journey.

    First, having lived and gone to school on the Seattle side of Lake Washington, I was afraid to venture over to the Bellevue campus until two quarters ago for fear of the traffic and parking. For those of you with the same reservations, I would recommend that you check out the Bellevue campus. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I didn’t encounter the traffic I feared and the parking was plentiful. 

    Second, I wish I had known was how easy it was to access business journal articles by searching the library databases. If you do a regular keyword search from the library’s website, you may only get access to abstracts. To get a PDF or HTML of the whole article, it may be necessary to go through the Business Source Complete database located on the library’s website.  This extra step has saved me much time and frustration.

    Third, I wish I had known how easy it is to use the statistical modeling software we have access to through the computers at the Albers School. Taking thirty minutes to learn the basics on a Monte Carlo simulation program will make your papers and presentations really stand out.

    Fourth, I wish I had known how quickly the MBA program goes by! My advice to incoming students is to take advantage of the opportunities to network with your classmates and if you have time, try an internship in your area of interest. I did two internships this past year, and learned valuable lessons from both of them. It allowed me the freedom to explore potential careers and it was a great opportunity to network with those already in the field. Good luck in your graduate endeavors!

    Written by Thuy Vien. Thuy can be reached at




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