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  • SU Strengthens its Commitment to Help Youth Succeed in the Community

    After attending the SU Youth Initiative Forum this afternoon, I have realized deeply that there are a huge number of youth in our community who are waiting for support, especially those coming from low-income families.  We have the responsibility to inspire the youth to growth in a safe and positive learning environment by encouraging them and supporting them with our experiences and resources.  It is very important to help them accomplish their dreams, increase their confidence, and make them aware of the steps they need to take in order to overcome the challenges.  It is very true that many youth face major academic challenges, barriers to graduating from high school, and lack of access to higher education.

    Having the professors, undergraduates and graduates in the forum was very helpful because they came up with so many great ideas, such as organizing college visits, setting up mentor programs, inviting community leaders to do workshops, and creating summer jobs and volunteer opportunities, etc.  It includes field trips to SU so the youth can experience college life.  Moreover, we talked about how to make more meaningful and interactive after school programs for the youth.  The most important thing for SU Youth Initiative is the University will offer support throughout the many phases of a child’s life, both in and out of school, pre-K through high school and beyond.

    A great program can fail if we don’t have good people involved.  In order to put words into action, SU Youth Initiative is looking for Albers Graduate students to help organize different events.

    For more information, please visit

    Please remember, Youth are our future.  Together, we can build a better community.

    Written by Derek Zhao, Email:  


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