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  • Leadership skills and team development (MBA 510)

    Posted by Liz Wick on 9/18/2013 03:23:39 PM

    Summer quarter is definitely a difficult one. Just eight weeks of classes and each class three and a half hours long. But all the hard work is worth it since you get almost a month long break once it is over. I missed my post last month because during the first half I was busy with my finals and during the second half I was recuperating from summer quarter. Good to be back. This post is exclusively dedicated to MBA 510 and Dr. Bill Weis.

    Once you enroll in this course, you start a journey that is a sure shot promise of rich experience. From the very first class you know it is way too different from any of the courses you have taken. It is not a classroom course (I was lucky to take it in summer but I am sure it would be even more interesting in any other quarter as well), it is not a course where you learn certain principals and are tested on them, it is not a course where you are told how ideally you have to be in order to succeed. It is a course in which you discover your own unique strengths. You discover how easy it is to build relationships and how easy it is to nourish them. Here is a glimpse of what you get to do in this course:
    The MBA 510 Experience  

    Dr.Bill Weis is not a teacher or professor, he is somebody you want to be, he is filled with so much positive energy that you start questioning all your negativity. Inspiration is not the right word, he is beyond that, he involves you in every task and just brings about that desired/required change in your attitude. I feel blessed that I had a chance to do this course with him. This is an unconventional course and it may seem fun to just play games all the time. But the depth that’s hidden underneath these activities and the learning is precious.

    I was also lucky in terms of whom I did this course with. I had a great bunch of class-mates (now friends). Different personalities, different people and different cultures. It’s just amazing how you become close to a bunch of strangers in this short duration. You make some of the strongest bonds in this class, people who you would love to see in every course you take in the rest of the program (unfortunately that may not always happen). But once you start taking this course you love to go to Albers since you would have somebody smiling and waving at you from some corner of the campus every day.

    The thing I loved most about this course was that it made me feel like I was part of something, not a stranger standing in the crowd. No matter how different I am or anybody else is, I love to smile back and wave back and that smile comes so naturally ( I am happy to see you my friend or rather I am happy to have you as my new friend). I also loved the retreat and the community service part. It gave me a whole new perspective.

    The most important aspect of the MBA program is networking. MBA 510, along with Dr.Bill Weis, would teach you how it is more about human relationships not just robotic networks. Human interaction is more about that smile that automatically comes on your face when you see the other person, whether they are a client or boss or co-worker. The idea may sound utopian but it is not, once you take this course you will understand what I am talking about.

    Vaishali Agarwal