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  • China Study Tour Countdown

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 8/25/2010 03:21:49 PM

    All of my classmates and professors are getting more and more excited because we are about to get onto a plane to visit a country that has 5000-years of history.  As we know, China is a country that is changing every day.  In order to keep up with the change, we are reading books like “China Road”, “Source Code China” and many articles from Harvard Business Review.  Besides this, our professors invited knowledgeable professionals to share their experiences and perspectives about China;  such as Bill Stafford, President of the Trade Development Alliance, Joe Borich, President of the WA State China Relations Council, and Karl da Gama Campos, IB Development Manager, WA State Dept of Commerce.  I was impressed that Washington State is the No.2 in exports behind California, but we are the highest per capita.  Also, about 30% of the jobs in Washington state deal with international partners.   As China is surpassing Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, I believe that we should pay more attention to the impact of China’s growth.  After this tour, I expect to gain a deeper understanding of how China competes with the rest of the nations strategically, especially in Information Technology.  Another interesting thing is we have a gift team who handles the gifts buying.  One thing we decided to get is M&Ms with SU logo.

    When I asked Joe Borich to use three words to describe China, he said, “Big, important and permanent”.  We, the future business leaders, must go out of our conform zones to observe, practice and share in order to be competitive.

    Please check back soon for more updates. 

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    Written by Derek Zhao, Email:      

    What is your summer goal? Mine is to master my presentation skills with MS PowerPoint 2007.

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 8/3/2010 09:22:54 AM

    It has been the trend for different professionals to use MS PowerPoint 2007 to do presentations on various projects at school and at work.  For example, all of my business professors use PowerPoint in their lectures.  In summary, PowerPoint creates interaction and engagement, ability to capitalize on modern media such as media, integration of multiple sources, cooperation and collaboration in the classroom and in the company.  A few months ago, I happened to do a presentation for a scholarship.  My challenge was to organize the useful information and use the different functions and tools of PowerPoint 2007 to present it in a meaningful way.  I did not think I performed well.  But other candidates were able to use this software to demonstrate their ideas much better and clearer.  I realized this was one of my weaknesses, so I went to the library and borrowed book called “Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 step by step”.  It was so easy to follow and learn.  After two months of studying and practicing, I feel very comfortable working with PowerPoint 2007. 

    If you have a similar weakness, I really encourage you to learn this program because it definitely gives you an edge when presenting a project.  People are looking for right content, right format and creative presentation skills.  A better presentation allows the people to understand the materials deeply so that people are more willing to buy your ideas.

    In addition, Seattle University’s IT group offers an online Portal so that SU students can access Office 2007 and other programs for free just like in the computer lab.  Students just need internet access, then visit and enter their SU user name and password, then install ActiveX Control.  It is very simple.  Students and professionals can achieve success with PowerPoint.

    In conclusion, in today’s business environment, solid presentation skills are a must.  They help you communicate with your audiences in a fun, effective and interactive setting.

    Written by Derek Zhao, Email: