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  • One Year Over

    Posted by Loc Nguyen on 6/20/2014 02:31:01 PM

    The end of spring quarter marks my first year in the MBA program and it has gone by too quickly.  Last night as I was doing my usual orientation presentation for incoming students, I couldn’t help but feel like it was only yesterday that I was sitting where they were, anxious and nervous to go back to school.  Over the 9 months that I’ve been a graduate student at Albers, I’ve learned a tremendous amount, not only in the classroom but also about myself.  Many things come to mind as I reflect on my experiences and I’d like to briefly share some of them.

    MBA 510 – The absolute best part of my MBA experience so far was my time in this class.  I met some of my best friends in Seattle here and I severely miss everyone from my group.  I’ve seen many of them in other classes throughout the year and it always brightens up my day when I see a familiar face in the halls.  I plan my classes with these people and I always know working with them will produce great results.  I’m also very fortunate to be involved with AGSA because planning student events has allowed some of us to stay together.  I can’t say enough great things about this class and I hope to meet many new people in my second year.  Also, those of you in the new MBA program taking MBA 5205 are in for a treat!

    AGSA – We are deeply appreciative of the student and faculty support of our mission and events this year.  We successfully hosted 4 events: a social mixer, a pizza party, a Mariners game, and an end of the year graduation celebration.  Next year will be even more exciting with more community building events that add value to our shared graduate school experience.

    Albers Mentor Program –  My experience was certainly atypical of the program because many of my friends had great experiences with their mentors.  However, I honestly have mixed feelings about my experience because I was only able to meet with my mentor twice this year.  Although both of the meetings were informative and rewarding, due to busy schedules, we were unable to meet as much as we would have liked.  I have high hopes that my experience next year will be more comprehensive.

    Classes – I’ve taken 9 courses so far and I’ve enjoyed most of them, particularly Business Ethics & Social Responsibility with Marc Cohen, Management of People with Colette Hoption, and Managerial Finance with Katya Emm.  These courses were especially memorable because of intensely rewarding discussions, a reflective case presentation, and discovering new interests, respectively.  I also want to say that graduate school is no walk in the park.  There’s a rumor that no one can fail in graduate business school but believe me, maintaining all A’s with 3 courses per quarter is both challenging and satisfying.

    Overall – I’ve sincerely enjoyed my experience at Albers.  Some things I could improve are participating more in class and making a stronger effort to engage people outside of class.  However, I’m positive that next year will be even better and I’m excited to begin year 2.

    Please have a safe and relaxing summer break!

    Loc Nguyen, MBA Candidate,