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  • Mid-terms, Group Projects and the End of the Quarter

    Posted by Farani Aryono on 6/11/2013 02:42:29 PM

    Albers is a very busy place these days. We had a career fair, business ethics week, Morgan Stanley career day, Marcus & Millichap career night, business career in technology seminar, Microsoft MBA recruiting mixer, Tableau student career night and many more. Albers is keeping everybody busy be it day or night (career day/career night). We also had a wine and cheese event for grad students of Seattle U and ice-cream social.

    Amongst all this I was busy with my assignments, group projects and mid-terms. An important lesson I have learned is - if you are a full time student, taking classes in the main campus is a better option. You get to attend more events, though east side has its own advantages such as shorter travel (if you live on east side), classes get over a little early (generally), and it interesting location. But still main campus is main campus.  

    Next couple of weeks are going to be hectic and thrilling. Final presentations, exams and final grades. I had great teams to work with, the outcome is absolutely astonishing. At no point it felt like work, I think that’s most exciting aspect of MBA. Assignments and projects are based on how you apply your knowledge. It’s fun to solve problems. In many of my classes we had great discussions on unique cases, it always gave me a chance to appreciate the different opinions people have.  

    Assignment by assignment, week by week we are almost through our spring quarter. I am really excited and looking forward to summer quarter for 2 reasons. Firstly, I am taking leadership class, so I will be able to go on a weekend trip with my classmates and secondly I am taking my very first elective. It may sound crazy but I am so looking forward to it. This summer Albers is introducing new certificate courses and specialization, one of them is Business Analytics and that is the one for me.  So let’s see where it’ll take me.

    By Vaishali Agarwal,