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  • AGSA Welcome Back Pizza Party

    Posted by Loc Nguyen on 4/23/2014 02:48:14 PM

    Thank you everyone who attended our pizza party last week!  We had another huge turnout- over 80 graduate students came to mingle over Pagliacci’s Pizza, beer, and wine.  There is definitely a huge demand for these social events and AGSA is excited to continue to organize them for us graduate students.  Our next event will be a Mariners Game Night on May 9 from 7-10 pm.  If you’re interested, please RSVP by sending me an email at

    Visit our AGSA webpage at:  

    Loc Nguyen, MBA Candidate,

    New Curriculum

    Posted by Loc Nguyen on 4/11/2014 03:29:26 PM

    Albers is modifying the MBA curriculum ( check-out comparison sheet). If you are a new student talk to Jeffrey Millard. If you are a current student trying to figure out which way to go this may help.

    Overall there seems to be some major advantages in the new curriculum such as:

    • More Electives: There will be 10 electives. This will give you a chance to focus more on your area of interest as well as to take some that interest you a lot and are not part of your specialization.
    • Lesser Number of credits: Now for an MBA you need 54 credits (much lesser than what I have to doL). Core would be 24 credits.
    • Cohort: The new core (19 of the 54 credits) is designed in such a way that you will be spending more time with your cohort. Instead of taking every other core class with a whole new bunch of people. You will take all core classes with your cohort.
    • Focus on Industry requirement: The new program has two core courses :
    • Professional & Interpersonal Communication
    • Business Career Planning and Development
    • Flexibility: You can go at your own pace.
    • Still starts 4 times per year.
    • You can take 1 or 2 core per term
    • You can choose electives the way you want, you do not have to choose electives as per your cohort.

    Needless to say the old curriculum was also focused on industry requirements but with time “needs” change. Stronger focus on soft skills has made it necessary for a MBA to master this domain as well.

    I wish these changes were introduced a little earlier. Now I am half way through and it would not be an intelligent decision to switch. Here is some information for the students sticking to old curriculum:

    • All the courses starting summer 2014 will have 4 digit code instead of old 3-digit format.
    • If you have already taken 3 or more core courses sticking to the old format could be a better choice. (Remember when in doubt speak to Jeffrey Millard)
    • At this time it would be an intelligent decision to concentrate on core and fundamental courses since all the electives would be offered in the new curriculum as well.
    • By spring 2015 you should be done with your core and fundamental courses.
    • All the core courses may not vanish over-night so if you still need to prioritize and are finding it difficult “speak to Jeffrey Millard”.

    Over all I believe the change is happening for the good. It may cause a slight stress to the current students but we are blessed with a great team of “friends, philosophers and guides” in Albers. They would help us get through and of course Albers and Seattle University as always would make sure our interests are given utmost priority. 

    Here are some useful links with detailed information:

    Professional MBA new curriculum 

    Professional MBA current curriculum

    By: Vaishali Agarwal,