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  • Thank you, Seahawks

    Posted by Loc Nguyen on 2/7/2014 04:34:47 PM

    I realize that I'm new to Seattle, but there's no denying how inspiring the Seahawks story is.  

    So-called experts predicted this team to lose and certainly doubted them from the beginning.  Russell Wilson was a 3rd round pick and they said he was one of the worst picks in the 2012 draft .  He's also the lowest paid and shortest quarterback in the league.  Richard Sherman was a 5th round pick and Malcom Smith, the Super Bowl MVP, was a 7th round pick in 2011.  Coach Pete Carroll was fired from the Jets and the Patriots before he went to coaching college ball at USC.  They said his "rah-rah" coaching style only worked at the collegiate level and would never be successful in the NFL.  He's also the second oldest coach in the league and is now one of only 3 coaches with both a NCAA Championship and a Super Bowl win. 

    "That moment in time to me is just a moment in time… It didn't dampen my spirits. It didn't slow me down. If anything, it just kicked me in the butt in a better way."  -Pete Carroll, after Seattle's first Super Bowl win

    I think Pete's statement sums up a very important and relatable concept- that failure can be a necessary ingredient for success.  These guys practiced and played every day with a chip on their shoulder and it fueled their hunger to show everyone what they're capable of.  

    Seattle is not known for major sports victories.  In fact, we don't even have a NBA team anymore (I won't get into that).  In the entire pacific northwest, only Washington has a NFL team and that creates a wide fan-zone spanning across several states.  United in the blue and green, the 12th man showed up in force at every game and during the Super Bowl, cheered so loud that poor Peyton couldn't communicate with his team on the field.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see how fans can affect the game but it doesn't get much clearer than that.

    This Super Bowl victory is the first in Seahawks franchise history but it transcends the game of football.  This team represents resolve and perseverance in the face of adversity.  In our own lives, how many times have we focused on our weaknesses and doubted ourselves?  The path to being mediocre is trying to fix our weaknesses.  Instead, let's focus on and build up our strengths in order to become great.  You may be thinking that I'm looking too much into this because it's just a game, and you may be right.  But I continue to be astounded by how an entire team of underdogs not only beat, but completely shut down one of the best quarterbacks and offensive teams in the NFL on the largest stage in the world.  

    "Why not us?"  -Russell Wilson's reminder to his team, taught to him by his late father 

    GO HAWKS! 

    Loc Nguyen, MBA Candidate,