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  • Aiming to develop Win-Win between Mentor (Jerry Huffman) & Mentee (myself)

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 11/25/2009 01:49:01 PM


    It was a rainy morning and I was rushing to meet my mentor Jerry Huffman (Assistant Vice President for Human Resources at SU).  I stepped into his office and looked at the clock.  I was 5 minutes late.  This was not a good impression if I were there for a job interview.  A smile from Jerry calmed me down.  Once we introduced ourselves, we talked about how to make this partnership meaningful. Coordinated by the Albers Placement Center, the Albers Mentor Program is highly acclaimed by the business community and our students. This program is in its 20th year.  It is a unique opportunity for graduate-level and senior undergraduate students to work with upper level executives from leading Puget Sound businesses. Of course, I wanted to learn every single detail from Jerry who had been with one of three largest trucking companies (Paccar) for 25 years.  His success and experience inspire me to become a leader someday.

    In summary, he mentioned to me the importance of having resilience, flexibility, commitment and willingness to learn and be challenged.  In addition, I was told that students must stay focused on their tasks from school, work or home.  Moreover, Jerry emphasized that we should work with great and smart people if possible because they are the ones who can teach you along the way.  But before someone teaches you, you ought to do your job right and try to improve yourself continuously.  Jerry even advised me how to maintain a healthy personal relationship as a couple which was totally beyond of my expectations.  I believe Jerry and I will become very good friends.

     Written by Derek Zhao,


    MBA or MSF?

    Posted by Thuy Vien on 11/23/2009 04:33:39 PM

     As a graduate student ambassador at the Albers School, prospective students often ask me why I chose to pursue the MBA degree rather than a MSF, given my interest in finance. For me, this decision was based on the flexibility of a MBA degree. Entering graduate school with a background in biomedical research, I envisioned pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Commercialization Officer or Marketing Director upon graduation. However, after completing the core classes in marketing and finance, I realized that my true interests and skills were in finance. At this point, I considered changing my degree to the MSF because I wanted to have the strong background in finance that it would allow me to obtain. In addition, the advanced courses in finance held my interest more strongly than the core classes I still had left to finish for the MBA degree. In making my decision, I considered the direction I wanted to head with my career and the benefits of focusing exclusively on finance. I determined that although I would be able to take more classes of interest with a MSF, it would most likely be more important for me to be well-rounded in my business knowledge. Therefore, I decided to continue in the MBA program. Encountering prospective students who are wrestling with the same decision, my advice to them is to consider their career objectives and the types of problems they enjoy solving. My advanced finance classes are courses I look forward to because the subject matter highly interests me; however, I have gained a great appreciation for the breadth of knowledge that the MBA program has enabled me to obtain.

    Written by Thuy Vien. Thuy can be reached at:



    Albers pushes me to go above and beyond and opens the doors for success.

    Posted by Laura Hauck-Vixie on 11/18/2009 04:08:18 PM

    After two campus tours and a class sit-in, I decided to choose Albers School of Business and Economics because it has a collaborative culture, commitment to education, and supported peer and alumni connections.  Fortunately, I received my bachelors degree here in International Business and Information System.  During the years of undergraduate, I experienced how Albers helped its students develop their potential and achieve their goals.  The professors and staff team up and assist the students using their maximum efforts.   In my senior year, I advantage of the mentor program because it allowed me to connect and learn from an experienced executive of a large company.  Without question, I once again joined the mentor program for my MBA.  I encourage all prospective graduate students to consider Albers as their destination for higher education.  In here, you are not alone.  Albers has the greatest people, programs and connections you need so that you will become the leaders of the future.

    Written by Derek Zhao,