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  • Leadership + Innovation = Sustainable Success

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/24/2011 02:32:18 PM

    In the present time, CEOs of different companies are looking for sustainable success.  But how can a company achieve sustainable success? Jim Albaugh, Executive VP of The Boeing Co. and President & CEO of The Boeing Commercial Airplanes, points out that the combination of leadership and innovation will get a company to where it wants to go.  I, and many other SU students, faculty, staff, and alumni, had the opportunity to listen to Jim speak as part of Albers’ Executive Speaker Series. 

    Jim said, “As a leader, we need to inspire the organization, develop many future talented people and create an open and honest work culture.”  First, leaders need to understand why employees want to work, what employees want to care about (e.g.: colleagues, company, community?) and create a collective sense of common goal.  Second, in order for a company to stay competitive and innovative, that company must invest in people by looking for new talents, training these talents and retaining the talents.  Throughout the years, Jim has been spending a lot of effort in building an open dialogue between the management teams and employees so that everyone is benefitting from the different opinions and ideas.  Jim also points out leaders should set a good example for their employees because employees are more motivated to work with such leaders. 

    Another thing I learned from Jim was his comment on innovation.  He made it very clear that innovation is the key for future success including Boeing.  For example, Boeing continues to strike to build the best airplane in the world by its brightest people with highest quality materials.  At the same time, Jim has understood that Boeing must expand from its Seattle boundary to more international destinations especially in emerging countries such as China and India. 

    With the challenges that Boeing is facing such as 50% of its engineers will retire in 5 to 10 years and 787 Dreamliner delay, Jim said that Boeing has developed more training programs to match young engineers with senior engineers before they leave.  Also, Boeing determines to select its suppliers in a more disciplined way to ensure the supply chain and production work properly. 

    Finally, I think a great leader or a company should understand their strengths and weaknesses really well if they want to rise.   From the speech done by Jim Albaugh, it seemed like Boeing has done it.  How about you? 

     By (Derek) Huiqiang Zhao, Email:  


    10 things a MBA student should have

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/19/2011 10:28:20 AM

    Dear fellow students, do you always ask yourself how a MBA degree can help you in the long run?  In my opinion, the degree is not as important as the experiences you have within the program.  The way we process the information, the learning activities we engage in, the people and communities we connect with are the most important factors for a MBA student because they are the foundations.  In today’s competitive business environment, companies are looking for talented people with both soft and hard skills.  After talking to my current mentorCharley Jemley, SVP Finance of Starbucks International and previous mentor Jerry Huffman, Assistant Vice President for SU Human Resources, I created a list of 10 things a MBA student should have.  Of course, life is about sharing, so I would like to share it with you. 

    1. Love your job such as come to work with high enthusiasm everyday 
    2. Being proud of what you know, what you do and who you are in a humble way 
    3. Do the reading everyday such as Economist, History Channel, etc 
    4. Ability to prioritize tasks to reach goals 
    5. Lead, motivate and influence the team positively 
    6. Ask intelligent questions and provide meaningful feedback 
    7. Respect people and discuss the issues actively 
    8. Show care to employees, families and communities 
    9. Ability to manage relationships 
    10. Open your mouth, talk to different people and learn from the leaders about both good and bad mistakes they had made 

     By (Derek) Huiqiang Zhao, Email:  

    Individual Info Sessions of Education Abroad Courses 2011

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/12/2011 10:53:11 AM

    Dear students, would you like to explore the world with your classmates and professors?  These courses will bring you lifelong experiences and different global perspectives.  Please attend the individual info sessions to learn more. 



    Cities: Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore 

    • Dates: September 3 – 17, 2011 
    • Faculty: Dr. Gail Lasprogata and Dr. Madhu Rao 
    • Cost: $3900 (includes all airfare, hotels, local transportation) 
    • Company visits: GE Healthcare; Hewitt (BPO); Hero Honda; Boeing; Accenture; Microsoft; Center for Social action (NGO) and many more 
    • University visits: Christ University (Bangalore), Xavier University (Mumbai) 

    Japan & Korea


    Cities: Seoul and Busan, Korea; Tokyo, Japan  

    • Dates: August 29 – September 12, 2011 
    • Faculty: Dr. Ben Kim and Dr. Peter Raven 
    • Cost: $4000 (includes all airfare and hotel) 
    • Company visits: Samsung, NTT, Hyndai, SK Telecom, JMR, Starbucks, Costco 
    • University visits: Sophia University, Sogang University, Donga University and more 



    Cities: Florence, Bologna, Arezzo, Sansepolcro  

    • Dates: June 13 – 27, 2011 
    • Faculty: David Carrithers and Chauncey Burke 
    • Cost: $2400 (includes all accommodations, meals, ground transportation, museum fees – airfare not included) 
    • Company Visits: Ducati, Nestle, La Marzocca, IMA (world leader in automated machinery), Aboca, Stile and other leading Italian firms 
    • University Visits: Gonzaga in Florence, University of Bologna 

    Individual Info sessions 5-6pm 

    Monday, January 24 

    Italy – Pigott 109 

    India – Pigott 416 

    Japan/Korea – Pigott 315 


    Tuesday, January 25 

    Italy - Pigott 327 

    India – Pigott 416 

    Japan/Korea – Pigott 315 


    Wednesday, January 26 

    Italy – Pigott 109 

    India - Pigott 416 

    Japan/Korea – Pigott 315 


    Thursday, January 27 

    Italy – Pigott 107 

    India – Pigott 416 

    Japan/Korea – Pigott 315 



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    A sunny, hot and humid holiday season and the importance of raising awareness of cultural diversity for business today.

    Posted by Natalia Varela Donado on 1/10/2011 05:39:54 PM

    By Natalia Varela Donado.  

    As the end of the Fall Quarter came, Winter break and the Holiday season started. Many of us went back to our hometowns for the first time in a while. Some locals stayed around and shared with their relatives and friends in the midst of the typical snowy weather of this time of the year.

    Some of us international students had the chance to go back to our home countries: a diverse array of places around the world that enjoy different kinds of weather, holiday celebrations, traditions, and ways to share with family and friends.

    In my hometown Barranquilla, Colombia, we enjoy a tropical weather all year long thanks to the proximity to the equator and its location in the northern coast of the country facing the Caribbean Sea. My city, Shakira’s hometown, was populated a few hundred years ago by immigrants that came from various places around the world, especially the Middle East countries. Therefore, our society is a very diverse one, a rich mix of people with widely varying heritage and backgrounds. Tradition and family are highly valued. Diversity and multiculturalism are highly valued as well. That’s why, “Barranquilleros” rejoice in being able to approach different cultures, either by traveling often outside the country or welcoming foreigners into their homes and city.


    Chiringuito Beach

    Chiringuito Beach. Barranquilla, Colombia.


    This quality of our people has proven highly beneficial for the business and economic development of our city. Going back home, only after nine months of being away, I have acknowledged how these conditions have contributed to its growth and development.

    My experience at Seattle University does not limit its enriching effects to the high academic value of the professional education I am partaking in. It goes further beyond that. Being in a different country, surrounded by such a diverse community, far away from the ways I learned and grew up with shows me that there is a different way of doing things. Regardless of the fact that as we are growing up we are taught that there are different ways, places, and different perspectives, it is never the same as we acknowledge it when we have an experience far away from home and from all things that come naturally to us.


    "El Prado" Hotel. Barranquilla, Colombia. Ranked the most beautiful one in the country.


    This is the great value of experiencing a diverse cultural environment for business. When we come across different places, people, and ways, we are able to develop a different view and therefore, imprint that unique and exceptional value to everything we do. For us, business people, that view enriches our performance; from the development of new products or services to the ability to relate to and understand different people and cultures, as important as it is in business nowadays.

    I was able to see this in my hometown as I went back. It has impacted the development of the city, from the growth of its infrastructure to the launch of businesses across town, from restaurants and bars to business consulting firms and other services.


    Nightlife. Barranquilla, Colombia.


    As Winter kicks in, a new quarter begins at Albers. High expectations to continue learning and gaining experience in this path me and my fellow business students have chosen to pursue.


    Upcoming Events at Albers in January and February ….

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/3/2011 02:28:02 PM

    Happy New Year, everyone.  Energy + Preparation + Enthusiasm = Success 

    It is time to plan ahead to have another successful year in 2011. 

    1: Summer Education Abroad Courses for 2011 

    Info Session: 

    Jan 11, Tuesday, 5-6p.m. in Pigott 107 

    Central Italy 2011June 13 - 27, 2011
    For more information, click here 

    Japan and Korea 2011August 27 - September 10, 2011
    For more information, click here

    India 2011September 3 - 17, 2011
    For more information, click here
    For the student blog from 2009 courses, click here

    2: Albers Workshop: Networking for IntrovertsPresented by: Helene Cho, Synergy Consulting and Training
    Thursday, January 13, 2011, 4:30-6:00 p.m., Pigott 107
    Does the thought of going to a crowded networking event leave you cold?  Attend this workshop to learn effective networking techniques and feel more confident in the networking process. Click here for more information.
    RSVP to 

    3: Albers Networking Reception for Grad StudentsTuesday, January 18, 2011, 4:30-6:30 p.m., Casey Commons
    An opportunity for Albers grad students to connect with local business executives and build their professional network
    Student RSVP:

    4: Albers Executive Speaker Series 

         Jim Albaugh
        Executive VP, The Boeing Co.
        President & CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
        Thursday, January 20, 2011
        Pigott Auditorium, 5 - 6 p.m. (please note time change)

    Please save the date:  

    5: Albers-sponsored basketball game, 7 p.m., Feb 5, 2011. 

    6: An Albers Executive Speaker Series event featuring Craig Jelinek, president and COO of Costco Wholesale. Monday, February 14, 2011  (5:30 PM - 6:30 PM) 

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