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  • I LOVE STUDY TOURs.........The world is bigger than you imagined.

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/27/2010 04:34:08 PM

    As an immigrant from China, I am so happy to have the opportunity to live and study in the U.S because I have gained and learned so much.  I feel more self-aware and socially-aware.  But for a lot of American students, I encourage you to take advantage of the study tour programs because it gives you a life learning and fulfilling experience.  For example, it helps you create global awareness; it helps you promote international security; it helps you enhance academic learning; it helps you develop leadership skills; it helps you advance your career; it helps you experience personal growth; and it helps you learn another language and culture. 

    Lincoln Commission (2005) says, “For their own future and that of the nation, it is essential that college graduates today become globally competent.” The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad writes that study abroad or study tour is a key element in students’ education for careers and citizenship in a globalizing world. It provides unique opportunities for students to learn about and appreciate cultures and perspectives different from their own, to confront and explore their own assumptions, to achieve greater proficiency in another language and to overcome with the challenge of living in an unfamiliar context.” 

    Seattle University has been actively promoting the study tour and study abroad programs to all students. Reading thousands of books is not as good as going on a trip. Daft, Douglass H., Chairman and CEO of the Coca Cola Company says, "For almost three decades of my career at The Coca-Cola Company, I lived and worked in Asia. From Singapore to Tokyo to Beijing, I learned about different local cultures by living and working in those cultures. It gave me a profound respect for how people are different, and also for how we are the same.”

    Want to hear multiple perspectives from other people who enrolled in the Study Abroad or Study Tour program, please click this link.

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    Posted by Thuy Vien on 1/19/2010 02:41:11 PM

    As a MBA student, I spend a lot of time on campus, studying. Recently, I rediscovered a great alternative to the Pigott graduate student lounge: the McGoldrick Collegium. There are areas to relax and catch up with friends, a moderate-sized kitchen and fridge, complete with the most important of appliances for grad students: a coffee maker, and computers with printers. The best part is that these conveniences come packaged in a warm, inviting space that makes you want to linger long after you’ve finished your class readings. I would highly encourage those students who spend a lot of time studying on campus to check out the McGoldrick Collegium! The McGoldrick Collegium offers free enrollment and is open to graduate students from any department. It is located on the first floor of Hunthausen, the building across the lawn from Pigott.

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    Helpful and Experienced Albers Faculty

    Posted by Huiqiang Zhao on 1/13/2010 03:16:35 PM

    Oneof the most important elements that made me choose Seattle University Albers Business School was the quality and helpfulness of its faculty.  Not only do they have the essential skills and deep knowledge in the fields, but also they are always willing to help any students succeed in such a tough job market.  For example, I took Marketing 350 that was taught by Jay Lambe in my undergraduate program.  He brought extensive real-world work experience and developed my marketing skills to a higher lever.  He understood each student’s strengths and weaknesses. He did a good job in clarifying and explaining the concepts on some challenging topics as well as building a comfortable learning environment for his students.  I became an active participant after taking his class.  Moreover, he was always available to answer questions.  You can imagine that if a professor has passion to teach, he would like to stay with his students as much as possible.  Jay spent an immeasurable amount of personal time with the students to ensure they were fully prepared for the presentations.  I often saw him on the weekend at school when I studied here.  This is not all.  Two years after taking his class, one afternoon I was walking in the hallway of Albers and ran into Jay.  We both greeted, and then he asked me if I had a job because he wanted to introduce me to a growing marketing firm.  I was totally shocked because I only mentioned to him once that I was interested in marketing.  Jay just remembered it and tried his best to look for a good career fit for his student.  I highly recommend any course that is taught by Jay.

    If you want to read more about Professor Jay Lambe’s bio, please click here.

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    Albers Executive Speakers Series

    Posted by Thuy Vien on 1/12/2010 02:31:27 PM

     I am excited to meet with prospective graduate students tomorrow before the Albers Executive Speakers talk and to attend the event with them. Twice a quarter, the Albers School brings in executives from around the Puget Sound to share their perspective about being business leaders in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a great opportunity to investigate how the theories we learn in the classroom get applied in real businesses and to gain insight into how to manage the larger issues that executives encounter. The Albers Executive Speakers series is open to the public and I encourage prospective and admitted students to take advantage of this opportunity!

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