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Bryan Ruppert, PhD

  • Bryan Ruppert , PhD
    PhD, University of Birmingham (UK)
    BA, Politics, University of Washington
    Senior Instructor, Marketing
    Phone: 206-296-2827
    Building/Room: Pigott 400

    Teaching Areas

    • Communication


    Personal Bio

    Bryan Ruppert has a PhD in discourse analysis and teaches communication in the Albers School. His primary research interest is in the roles of language in creating contexts and in building relationships. His most recent publications are in Business Communication Quarterly and the Journal of the Academy of Business Education. In addition to teaching, Dr. Ruppert also works with local businesses to help them become more aware of communication behaviors and to maximize their communication effectiveness.

    Dr. Ruppert is the faculty advisor for Alpha Kappa Psi, Men's Club Soccer, and Toastmasters. Before starting his PhD, he was a political lobbyist in London, where he was responsible for writing briefing papers and building relationships with audiences that were potentially hostile to proposed legislation.