Albers School of Business and Economics

Program Objectives

  • The accounting program at Seattle University takes a two-pronged approach to accounting education:

    • a thorough and rigorous academic program of accounting studies in the classroom, with a strong grounding in computer applications
    • a broad mix of voluntary activities outside of the classroom designed to augment development of the student's skills in team work, organization, and communication

    The Seattle University accounting programs take an active role in the placement of accounting students into their chosen profession by general exposure to the profession through student accounting organizations - the Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting internship program, and formal career counseling, including job placement services.

    Skills that the Accounting major develops

    Accounting requires a variety of skills. As an accounting major at Albers, you will develop the following skills:

    • analytical skills
    • vision and constructive ability
    • creativity
    • communication skills
    • problem-solving
    • interpersonal skills
    • global thinking

    Accounting work is team-oriented, requires frequent updating of your technology skills as new advances are made, and you need to develop a good network of potential customers if you are going to be in the consulting field.

    Student Learning Outcomes