Albers School of Business and Economics

Which MBA is Right For You?

  • The Bridge MBA, the Professional MBA, and the Executive MBA offered at Albers are all rigorous programs designed to prepare their graduates for successful careers. However, they are very different programs developed for three distinct audiences. The table below will help you determine which program best meets your needs.

      Bridge MBA Professional MBA Executive MBA
    Program Duration 12 months 18-36 months 20 months
    Program Format Cohort (lockstep) Cohort (core)/Flexible (electives) Cohort (lockstep)
    Class waivers No Yes No
    Electives No Yes, 30 credits No
    Class Schedule Full-time, day classes only Full-time- or part-time, evening classes only Part-time, classes meet once a month in compact, 3-day modules
    Co-curricular Activities* Required Optional Optional
    Work Experience Required No Yes, minimum of 2 years Yes, minimum of 7 years
    Years of Work Experience 0-2 2-27 7-30
    Average Age 24 30 42
    Required Credits 48 54 60
    Tuition*** $39,120 for the program $815 per credit $14,650 per quarter
    Career Focus Career start Career advancement or transition Career advancement or transition

    *Examples: Mentor Program, Consulting Project, Business Plan Competition
    ***Fees not included. Tuition is for the 2015-16 academic year.