Albers School of Business and Economics


  • Applicants to the Bridge MBA program may apply for these Albers scholarships for graduate school.

    To Apply for a Bridge MBA Program Scholarship:

    Seattle University Graduate Application:

    1. Complete and submit the Seattle University Graduate Application for Admission form (including GMAT* or GRE scores) by July 1st. 

    Bridge MBA Scholarship Application:

    2. Complete and submit the Albers Bridge MBA Scholarship Application by July 1st.

    Bridge Scholarship Selection Process:

    Scholarship recipients are selected based on GMAT or GRE score, a short statement regarding the Albers Bridge MBA, and undergraduate performance. Recipients will be notified in early May for the first round deadline or by mid-July for the second round deadline. Contact john Merle at (206) 398-4313 or for more information.

    *For information on the Seattle University GMAT Prep Class, click here.