Planning & Registering for Classes

Registration Guidelines and Overview

When required or if needed, students will need to meet with their academic advisor prior to their registration time. Learn more about advising appointments here. Registration for classes for the next term typically happens sometime during Week 6-7 of each the current term. Here are some things to keep in mind about registration:

Registration Overview

Closed Class Procedures

Class Procedure Link
UCOR Contact your Advising Center or the Core office. Closed Core Course Procedure 
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics If a class is full or the system is not recognizing your prerequisite(s), Fill out the Waitlist Information for Science & Engineering (WISE) form. While you should hear back within a few days, the forms can take up to two weeks to process. WISE Form Info & Link

Environmental Science, Engineering

Contact the department directly (see link for emails)

  • Civil/Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
Science & Engineering Department Contacts
Albers Business Courses Contact an academic advisor in Albers Advising Center. Albers Advising Center 
Arts and Social Sciences Courses If a class is full or the system is not recognizing your prerequisite(s), you can refer to the document How Do I Get Into A Closed Class?  How Do I Get Into A Closed Class? 

Note: For other courses, contact contact your advising center or the Department to learn more about closed course procedures.

 Common Registration Holds

HoldNotificationHow to Resolve
Financial Registration Financial Hold Pay your tuition, fees, and bills through Student Account Center in the office of Student Financial Services. If you are having trouble paying your bill, reach out to Student Financial Services or schedule an appointment with the office of Student Persistence.
Library Fees Library Fines Pay your library fees at the Lemieux Library.
Transcript Office of Admissions Hold Submit your missing final transcript(s) to the Office of Admissions. If you notified SU that you intended to transfer credit in from a previous school but did not end up taking courses, you will need to contact the previous school to confirm that you did not take courses there before your hold can be removed. 
Think About It DN of Students Think About It Compete the required Think About It online training. If you do not complete the Think About It training before the deadline, you will need to submit a Hold Removal Request to have your hold lifted. 
Immunizations Your immunization requirements are incomplete, contact the Health Center.

Provide proof of required immunizations to the Student Health Center

Parking  Parking Fine

Pay your parking tickets through Campus Safety and Transportation.

Note: Departments and offices cannot remove holds that have been placed by other departments or offices. Only the issuing department can remove the hold.

If you are having trouble removing a hold and would like support, contact the Office of Student Persistence to make an appointment.

Registering and need help with a closed class?

Advising Services

Bellarmine Advising Center Front Desk

Bellarmine Hall 111