Academic Requirements

University Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree

Your grade point average (GPA) - Minimum Requirement

  • An undergraduate degree cannot be earned at Seattle University with less than a 2.00 cumulative GPA.
  • Many majors and degrees require a higher cumulative GPA. Cumulative GPA and credit requirements are stated for each major program in the Catalog of Information. University Degree completion GPA 75-02.pdf  lists all undergraduate majors with minimum major requirements above 2.0.
  • Your major GPA will include all SU work used to complete the course and credit requirements of your major as well as the supporting courses in allied fields specifically required by the program.
  • Only courses completed at Seattle University are included in the GPA.

Credit Requirements

Credit hours are determined by the number of hours per week you are in class for that course.

  • Bachelor degree: The university requires a minimum of 180 credit hours of approved course work to earn an undergraduate degree. Some programs require more than 180 credits total.
  • Double degree: 225 credit hours
  • Minor: a minimum of 30 credit hours (Modern Language minors: 35 credit hours)
  • Transfers note: the final 45 credits of degree requirements must be completed at Seattle University.

Core Curriculum Course Requirements

All undergraduate students are required to complete a basic program of coursework called the Core Curriculum. In contrast to focused, in-depth courses in one's major, Core courses are designed to bring breadth to an undergraduate education.

Specific Core requirements for your major are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog along with your other degree requirements for your major. Note that certain majors require specific Core courses.

For transfer students

Core requirements may be modified depending on how many transfer credits are accepted by Seattle University. Core requirements will vary for each transfer student depending on the courses that are transferred and what they satisfy.

Core requirements, including those for transfer and second degree students are outlined in University Core Curriculum (2012-01).

Major/Program Requirements

Major requirements vary by degree but in all cases the major credit total must be met as well as the specific GPA requirement in a major. In some majors it is higher than the University's 2.00 GPA requirement. All courses required for the major including prerequisites and supporting courses from other disciplines are used in calculating the major GPA. Students must complete all required courses as shown for their major in the Undergraduate Catalog of Information.

General Electives

Most degrees require a certain number of general elective credits. These courses do not satisfy major or core requirements, but do count towards the total credits required for the degree. Electives can offer you an opportunity to pursue topics of personal interest or discover new areas of interest.

The number of elective credits you can take depends on your major, and in some cases the specific credit requirements of a major may limit the number of elective courses you can take. Discuss elective choices with your advisor to determine if they work with your Core and major requirements.