The Core Solution Center - for help getting into Core classes

Exceptions and Cautions

  • Business majors should go to Pigott 318 for ALL closed class assistance
  • Modern Language courses: visit the department on the first floor of Xavier Global House for assistance.
  • Do not contact the professor or the department offering the courses listed
  • The Solution Center cannot register you prior to your registration appointment time
  • The Solution Center cannot override registration holds

Help getting into other closed courses

  • Questions about non-Core classes should be directed to the appropriate department.
  • Take along a Department Department_Manual_Registration_Request. If approved, the department will register you.

Closed course support from your school or college

  • Arts & Science Majors: Go the Advising Advising Support Center in Casey 100W.
  • Business Majors: Go to the Undergraduate Advising office in Pigott 318.
  • Matteo Ricci Students: Go to the Matteo Ricci office in Casey 100E.
  • Nursing Majors: See your advisor in the School of Nursing in the Garrand Building.
  • Premajor Program: Go to the Bellarmine Advising Center 111.
  • Science & Engineering Majors: Read important information on where to go for assistance with closed courses.