Advising Centers

  • Advising Centers by College

    •  Pre-Major Advising Center – Pre-Major Studies provides academic support to students who have not yet decided on a major or vocational path. We provide the framework, programming and resources necessary to help students make informed decisions about choosing a major. We help students define their goals by helping them assess their personal strengths, interests and values as they relate to their choice of major, their overall education and their vocational path.
    • College of Arts & Sciences – The Academic Advising Support Center (AASC) is a centralized advising office that provides academic advising and educational assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in College of Arts and Sciences. It is staffed by professional academic advisors who are available on a drop-in basis and for scheduled appointments.
    • College of Nursing – Please contact the College of Nursing directly for advising support
    • College of Science & Engineering – Advisors in the College of Science and Engineering are committed to providing you with guidance and support as you develop your educational plan. They share in discussion and reflection on your experiences, monitor your academic advancement and performance, and help connect you to appropriate resources when you need them.
    • Matteo Ricci College – The Matteo Ricci College utilizes faculty, professional and peer advising based on the degree you are completing. Please contact the college directly for more information