Photo of Jodi O'Brien, Ph.D

Jodi O'Brien, Ph.D

Special Assistant to the Provost and Professor, Sociology/Women & Gender Studies

Principal Investigator

Photo of Jean Jacoby, Ph.D

Jean Jacoby, Ph.D

Associate Dean, College of Science & Engineering
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Co-Principal Investigator

Photo of Sarah Trainer, Ph.D

Sarah Trainer, Ph.D

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences

Program Manager & Research Coordinator

Photo of Reine Mages

Reine Mages

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.2487

Photo of Angelique Davis, JD

Angelique Davis, JD

Professor, Political Science/Women & Gender Studies/Global African Studies

Program Team Member

Photo of Amelia Seraphia Derr, MSW, PhD

Amelia Seraphia Derr, MSW, PhD

Associate Professor, Social Work

Program Team Member

Photo of Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

Associate Professor, Management

Program Team Member

Photo of Kevin Krycka, PsyD

Kevin Krycka, PsyD

Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Professional Programs
Professor, Psychology

Internal Evaluator

Photo of Kristi Lee, PhD, LMHCA

Kristi Lee, PhD, LMHCA

Associate Professor, College of Education, and Program Director, Counseling

Chair of the SU ADVANCE Task Force for the Revision of Promotion Guidelines

Photo of Jennifer Loertscher, PhD

Jennifer Loertscher, PhD

Professor, Chemistry

Program Team Member

Photo of Agnieszka Miguel, Ph.D

Agnieszka Miguel, Ph.D

Associate Professor and Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Program Team Member

Photo of Jacquelyn Miller, Ph.D

Jacquelyn Miller, Ph.D

Associate Professor of History, Emeritus

Program Team Member

Photo of Donna Sylvester, Ph.D

Donna Sylvester, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Program Team Member

Photo of Jennifer Tilghman-Havens

Jennifer Tilghman-Havens

Director, Center for Jesuit Education

Program Team Member

Photo of Colette Taylor, EdD

Colette Taylor, EdD

Associate Professor, College of Education; Chair, Leadership & Professional Studies; and Program Director, Educational & Organizational Learning & Leadership

Program Team Member