We at SU ADVANCE also want to better track, through our participatory action research (PAR) model, the ways in which the current upheaval is affecting our faculty. To that end, SU ADVANCE is currently undertaking an “urgent response” exploration of the ways in which faculty are managing their lives during COVID-19. We have put out a call to all our faculty, across ranks and colleges, and asked them to consider sending the SU ADVANCE Research Coordinator a written reflection. The reflection prompts are as follows:

1. What am I struggling to get done professionally during this time?

2. What has been easier to do professionally during this time?

3. Have I noticed any differences in how much time I spend on research vs. teaching vs. service activities since COVID-19 started impacting my professional life?

4. How am I balancing personal demands with professional ones during this time?

5. How have I felt supported (or not) by faculty and administrative leaders?

For more information about this research activity, how to participate in it, and/or about our confidentiality protocols, please contact the SU ADVANCE Research Coordinator, Sarah Trainer, at trainers@seattleu.edu