Reading Your Program Evaluation

Your Transfer Credit Evaluation is available to view on mySeattleU. The Transfer Credit Evaluation is a degree audit that shows your progress toward your degree and displays how your transfer credit applies to your degree at Seattle University.

To access your Transfer Credit Evaluation:

  1. Login to mySeattleU using your SU username and password
  2. On the mySeattleU home page, click on the “Transfer Credit Evaluation” block. 
  3. Once in Transfer Credit Evaluation, you may view your total Transfer Credits. While still in Transfer Credit Evaluation, you may also view specific degree requirements that have been satisfied by your transfer courses.
  4. You can also view your total listing of all Transfer courses by navigating to “Transfer Credit Summary” on using the left navigation bar.  Click on Academics and then on Transfer Credit Summary. Once within the Transfer Credit Summary, you may view transferred courses from each previous school you have attended.

How to Read Your Program Evaluation