Noah Schenirer

You’ve heard it before: not everything goes according to plan. But embracing new experiences and exploring opportunities outside your original plan often leads to new, exciting paths. Noah Schenirer, who started with an interest in education, lives this truth daily. His friends suggested an Introduction to Drawing class he hadn’t considered, which sparked an artistic discovery of a talent he had no idea he possessed. He figured out a way to combine both his major and his new passions, ultimately redirecting his path toward becoming a Disney Imagineer.

Our students’ interests can hardly be described as typical—which is pretty typical of SU. But whether they’re Imagineers, global philanthropists or underwater engineers, their individuality makes up our whole. That’s why when they get together and work collaboratively, they provide each other with academic and personal support to push past the norm and find what they’re truly passionate about. No matter how off the beaten path it is. 09