Seattle University

Next Steps

What happens next?

Campus visits

If you would like to visit the Seattle University campus, send us a visit request online or by phone. More information can be found here.

 if you wish to speak with a faculty member or to sit in on classes, please schedule an extended visit here. Appointments with financial aid officers are also available. If given two weeks' notice, we can usually provide a schedule that will enable you to gather the information you seek.


The Center for Orientation and Transition Programs provides orientation programs each quarter for new freshman students. For information on these programs, e-mail or call (206) 296-2525.

Tuition due date

Tuition is due prior to the start of classes. For a list of important academic deadlines, including tuition payment for specific quarters, refer to the quarterly Course Catalog at

Parking permits/bus passes

Parking permits are available each quarter on a firstcome, first-served basis. Transit passes are available to students at a discounted price.

Contact the Public Safety Office at (206) 296-5990 for more information.


Textbooks are typically available two weeks prior to the start of classes at Seattle University Cam[pus store , located in the University Services Building. You may also purchase textbooks online at Please allow 24 hours for processing an online order. Orders placed online can be picked up at the bookstore. 

You can contact the SU Campus Store at (206) 296-5820.

Update your address

Seattle University requires your current address, phone number and e-mail. Please fill out an update form to update your contact information.

Change of major 

Students can request a major change when completing their New Student Preferences form beginning May 5th. Please note that some major changes may require approval from the Admissions Office. For questions regarding major changes, please contact us at


If you have questions, please contact the relevant office:

Admissions Office

(206) 220-8040
Questions concerning admission, enrollment, updating application files, advanced placement, credit transfer.

Housing and Residence Life

(206) 296-6305 Housing and Residence Life
Questions concerning on-campus housing, food service options.

International Student Center

(206) 296-6260
Questions for international students regarding I-20 transfers, international student orientation, etc.  

New Student and Family Programs

(206) 296-2525
Questions concerning freshman orientation or other orientations.

New Student Registration

(206) 296-5630
Questions concerning registration.

Office of the Registrar

(206) 220-8030
Questions concerning AP/IB credit, registration, registration deadlines.

Student Financial Services Office

(206) 220-8020
Questions concerning financial aid and FAFSA, student employment, student accounts and payments.