Study Abroad in Berlin - Freie Universität Berlin

About this Program

AIFS Freie Universitat Berlin (FU-Best) is a semester program offered in a Fall and a Spring semester. Our mission is to educate responsible, global citizens by linking high-quality academic instruction with a broader international experience. We aim to provide an intensive and diverse study abroad experience through combining three essential elements: German language instruction, a varied menu of subject courses, and the concept of the "extended classroom." Small classes, expert faculty, and the availability of day-to-day guidance are designed to enable students to make the most of this unique educational opportunity. Using Berlin's rich cultural, political, and historical offerings as a resource, all courses integrate local field-trips into their curriculum and thus profit from the outstanding location of this fascinating city.


  • Housing is included
    • Apartment
    • Homestay

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: late August to mid-December
  • Spring Semester: late January to mid-May

Application Steps

  1. Complete Module I of Global Engagement with Education Abroad Canvas course, including Education Abroad 101 and attending a Planning Meeting with your Education Advisor.
  2. Complete the SU-Sponsored/SU-Exchange Program Application in Module II of the Canvas course by February 1 for selected program.

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The following are scholarships that are associated with this particular program. Scholarship application dates can vary, please check accordingly.


  • Credit Range: 24-30
  • Credit System: ECTS Credits
  • Credit Conversion Rate: 1 ECTS Credit = 0.8 SU Quarter Credits
  • Quarter Range: 18-22.5
  • Credit Per Course: 6
  • Average Courseload: 4-5