Committee of Librarian Evaluation and Promotion (CLEP)


  • Mary Sepulveda (Chair)
  • Doug Eriksen
  • Kerry Fitz-Gerald
  • Caitlin Plovnick
  • Stephanie Wilson


Committee Information Sheet


Evaluates the performance of a librarian candidate eligible for promotion, and provides a written recommendation to the University Librarian, or the Executive Law Librarian, and the Law School Dean, for transmittal to the President through the Provost. Receives documentation for promotion, and advises candidate of file status. 

Committee actions must be consistent with the Librarian Evaluation and Promotion Working Documents (Timeline for Librarian Evaluation and Promotion, Standards for Promotion in Librarian Rank, Guidelines for File Preparation and Presentation). Proposed changes to these working documents must be submitted to the Committee for referral to, and consideration by, the Committee of the Whole (all full-time librarians). Approval of changes is by simple majority vote. All changes to the Working Documents must be submitted to the Provost for review.


Advisory to the President through the Provost, via the University Librarian, or the Executive Law Librarian, and Law School Dean. 


To be called by the Committee Chair in response to 1) a notice of request for promotion from the candidate, or 2) a proposed change to the Standing Committee Information Sheet and/or Librarian Evaluation and Promotion Working Documents. A quorum of three is required to conduct Committee business and a simple majority of members present is needed to pass on Committee business. All Committee members (with the exception of those disqualified for conflict of interest) are required during consideration of, and voting on, candidates' files. 


Composed of five librarians: chair (rotated annually between university librarians and university law librarians), two university librarians, two university law librarians.

One of the librarians is elected by the Committee to serve as secretary. The secretary maintains official minutes that form the permanent record of the Committee.

If one or more members of the Committee becomes unable to serve due to disqualification for conflicts of interest or otherwise, or if any member of the Committee resigns or becomes unavailable due to illness or other circumstances, the remaining members of the Committee will have discretion to proceed in a manner they deem appropriate. 

Eligibility: Committee members must 1) currently hold a full-time librarian position, and 2) have accrued three years of full-time experience as a professional librarian. It is preferred that full-time experience include a minimum of one year accrued within the Seattle University library system.

Elections and Terms

Committee member nominations must be submitted by April 15, with the election of committee members taking place no later than May 1 of the same year. The University Librarian and the Executive Law Librarian, or their designees, have sole responsibility to initiate and supervise the election process.

The Committee Chair position rotates annually between the University librarians and the University law librarians. The University librarians will elect the Chair for the A.A. Lemieux Library's rotational years; the University law librarians will elect the Chair for the Law Library's rotational years. The Committee's term year begins on May 1, and ends on April 30 of the following year. All full-time librarians are eligible to vote for the Chair serving during their library's rotational year; committee members are elected by all full-time librarians. 

Maintenance of Documents

The working documents of the Committee will be maintained by the Chair. It is the Chair's responsibility to distribute all working documents (Standing Committee Information SheetTimeline for Librarian Evaluation and Promotion, Guidelines for File Preparation and Presentation, Standards for Promotion in Librarian Rank and Appendices) as needed to the Committee of the Whole.

Reports to

Provost, through the appropriate university librarian.

Minutes Distribution

Sent to the committee members and become part of the permanent Committee records residing with the Committee Chair. Deliberations on candidate files are confidential and therefore not part of the official Committee minutes.

Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

University Librarian/University Law Librarian


The former Librarian Evaluation Committee was overhauled by a joint committee of Law and Lemieux Library librarians in the academic year 1997-1998. The documents that resulted were forwarded to both the Provost and the Faculty Handbook Review Committee for review and approval.