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University Rank and Tenure (URT) Committee

  • Membership

    Kay Beisse
    Margaret Chon
    Shusen Ding
    Bruce Koch
    Jodi O'Brien (Chair)
    Michael Raschko
    Jim Risser
    Kristy Skogerboe
    Toni Vezeau

    Ona Fisher, Graduate Student Representative
    Isaac "Izzy" Gardon, Undergraduate Student Representative


    Guidelines for File Preparation and Presentation 


    Reviews recommendations of the Deans and colleges/school, and recommends promotions and tenure awards.


    Recommendations to the President through the Provost


    Meets annually at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members.


    Membership consists of 9 faculty members: College of Arts and Sciences (2), Albers School of Business and Economics (1), College of Education (1), School of Law (1), College of Nursing (1), College of Science and Engineering (1), and 2 At-large members. The Provost is ex-officio member without vote and is the chair. There are 2 student representatives, one undergraduate (at least junior standing) and one graduate who serve one year and are appointed by the SGSU and GSC representative councils. Faculty eligible must be full-time, tenured, and who have taught at Seattle University for at least 3 years. Deans and higher administrators are not eligible. Term of service for faculty members are 4 years beginning November 1 and ending October 31 the following year. Terms are arranged so that at least one presidential appointee and one Assembly appointee expires each year. When the term of a Presidential appointment expires, the successor is appointed by the Academic Assembly. When the term of an Academic Assembly appointment expires, the successor is appointed by the President. A member being considered for promotion shall be excluded from all deliberations that year. If it is the last year of the member’s term, they shall resign; otherwise they shall obtain a leave from the committee. Ordinarily, a replacement for a member on leave or a replacement serving the last year of a resigned member shall be selected from among former members of the committee. Replacement of presidential appointees will be made by the President; replacement of Assembly appointees will be made by the Academic Assembly from the school of the replaced member.

    Reports to


    Minutes Distribution

    Minutes are kept in the Provost’s Office and are only read by members of the committee.

    Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

    Jodi O'Brien/5384 - Chair


    The University Rank and Tenure Committee has existed in one capacity or another since 1948 when the university changed its name from Seattle College to Seattle University.